Sunday, March 31, 2013

5iveSpot, a new mobile video sharing social network for the African American community


-- 5iveSpot Delivers Social Video Messaging and Urban Entertainment Network for the mobile smartphone community --

The free 5iveSpot App is now available for download through the App Store and Google Play.

 • Introducing 5iveSpot, a mobile social network where users create and share personal video messages (vms) and view short form video entertainment on mobile devices. 5iveSpot's mobile network is dedicated to providing a social and entertainment connection for the African American mobile community. According to the "Nielsen State of the African-American Consumer" study done in 2012, African Americans are a tech savvy group where over 54% of all people own a smartphone. This speaks to a hyper-connected and socially progressive smartphone user base which exceeds 22 million people and growing.

5iveSpot, Co-Founder, D Daudi Cole, Jr. , comments, "The African-American community leverages the power of mobile to digest, interact and communicate and our mission and charter is to offer a digital platform that provides video touch points for this socially engaged and connected audience."
5iveSpot is a one-stop social network where users can create, send and receive sms text, photo or video messages up to 5 minutes. Members can also enjoy a free subscription to the very latest and greatest in bite sized video entertainment from the 5iveSpot network of channels. 5iveSpot airs daily video content chosen from a vast community of broadcasters, contributor sites, bloggers and industry tastemakers. The 5iveSpot network of entertainment channels include Music (Hip-Hop and Soul), Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle/Culture channels that viewers can easily select to follow in the channels section of the 5iveSpot app.
Co-founder, Dwayne Tasker, comments, "Our vision for 5iveSpot is to provide a simple, personal and technologically advanced tool to create and share video messages and cool life moments with family and friends. To deliver relevant and entertaining video content that represents the latest and greatest in black entertainment and culture."
The 5iveSpot app makes it easy to join, create and share a video message spot (vms) or a favorite 5iveSpot video using your smartphone contact list, sms text or by posting your favorite videos on Facebook and Twitter.

The free app is available for download via iTunes App Store at:
and Google Play at:

About 5iveSpot 5iveSpot is a mobile social entertainment network with locations in Las Vegas, NV & Bowie, MD.

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