Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tips on Getting Your Resume Seen by Employers


~ By: Silas Reed ~ Are you worried about getting the right kind of job? There are lots of people who fail to have proper job satisfaction just because they do not get the job they would love to do. If you do not want this to be repeated to you then you need to be very careful while searching for a job.

First of all you should make a list of the criteria for the job required. After this you should prepare your resume according to that job. Different job applications usually have different kinds of criteria.

Therefore it is very important to learn how to write a resume. After you finish with the writing part you might think about how to post my resume. To post your resume online you first need to find the places where you can post it. 

You might be aware of the number of job boards available on the internet these days. All these job boards have the option to help you learn how to post my resume online.

There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind before you start posting your resume on the job boards or even on the distribution services. You must always remember that the most important thing is to stay visible to the prospective employers.

You need to follow certain tips which can help you get your resume seen by the best employers present in the market these days. The first thing that you need to do is keep your resume updated every time. There are people who post their resumes and tend to forget about it.

To send my resume to the best employers I need to keep my resume updated and at the top of the website. Whenever the employer would want to search for the resumes of eligible candidates my name and resume should come up. This will surely help me get better opportunities.

Other than updating the resume the eligible candidates also need to follow certain other things. Writing the resume in the most attractive way with all the required information is one of the biggest criteria.

If you want to learn how to post my resume using the job boards and the distribution services then you first need to find them out. Choose your job board and they will tell you the method to post your resume.

When you want to know how to make my resume attractive before I post my resume, you need to learn the strategies of writing the resume. Include certain important keywords in your resume regarding your job search. These keywords will help the employers locate you and find your resume fast.

You must make sure that the employer is attracted in the first 30 seconds of your resume reading. You should not include any unnecessary information in your resume to make it a crap. Now you might have got your answer to how to post my resume so that employers always have a look at their first effort.
About The Author
To learn more about how I can post my resume online or how you can post yours, please visit and sign up today to get your resume posted instantly on over 60 job websites. Silas Reed, Writer for ResumeBoomer, writes articles that inform and teach about using your resume most effectively to help get you a great job.

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Obamacare: The epitome of hypocrisy, an Obamanation, a deception that implies 'Barack-Obama-Cares' - Rev. Clenard H. Childress, Jr


By Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr.

To all who ever doubted the callous, inhumane mentality of the Barack Obama administration, this recent revelation of Obamacare should remove any uncertainty. I could be referring to the hidden surcharge levied on every participant to ensure abortion-on-demand at the cost of the taxpayer... Or the absolute total disregard for the health of women in lobbing and giving monetary incentives to non-physicians to perform abortions, which recently became law in California... Yes, that would be, non-physicians performing surgery on disproportionately poor minority women... Although these could certainly be viewed as callous and inhumane, along with the tax that was levied on medical devices which mostly struggling seniors will be forced to pay, that's not what I'm writing about, for there is something far darker and more sinister which shows the depth of depravity we have stooped to as a nation. Let's be perfectly clear: for anyone to support this diabolical intrusion, which by design seizes control of our lives and strips us of the little bit of conscience America has left, is unconscionable.
The websites for Massachusetts' Health Connector and Access Health Connecticut, Connecticut's official health insurance exchange, specifically asks those attempting to sign up for health insurance coverage, if they have any "unborn children." Is anyone in the household pregnant? Why? "Unborn Children" are counted as members of her household, so with this information, it helps determine whether she is eligible for assistance with health care costs!
"Unborn Children" are members! Wait...! What...? Who...? How...? So, let me get this straight... this segment of society which you have determined via Roe Vs. Wade to have no rights because they are not a person - and are not to be considered as a viable human being - but at the whim of the mother, can be torn and ripped out of the womb and mercilessly killed, and yet you now choose to recognize their "personhood and viability" by including them as members of your socialistic, genocidal, health care plan! Oh the unmitigated hypocrisy! This is demonstratively evil. The plan including them in coverage for their health, will also pay for them to be murdered, for their death, if another so chooses. Surely the facade of benevolence has been removed and we see the face of man's inhumanity to man and another depth of depravity for America. As Dr. Ben Carson, the brilliant renowned neurosurgeon from John Hopkins stated,
"...the Affordable Health Care Plan is not about health care but control. It is the worse thing to happen to America since slavery."
"Unborn Children are members..." I was so appalled I thought of God's response to Adam and Eve when He said, "What Is This That Thou Hast Done!" As it was for Adam and Eve, so shall it be for this nation: they never got back to the place of their prosperity and neither will America ever get back once this law is fully instituted. Their expulsion from the place of their prosperity set the stage for the murder and the shedding of innocent blood for millennia; so it is for America. The Affordable Health Care Act, by design, will increase the slaughter of the innocent and they will predominately be African-American... also by design.
This mockery of justice is an "obamanation." The themes of this madness mock justice and deceive its hearers, lulling them to sleep, thus ensuring their ignorance. Abortion. We hear terms safe, legal, and rare. Deception. The data proves it's not safe for women; by omission they censor information on the possible link between abortion and breast cancer, the high probability of miscarriages, and psychological damage similar to PTSD. Legal? It was Augustine who said, " unjust law is no law at all..." Slavery was legal. Jim Crow was legal. But because it was legal didn't make it right. Rare? Deception. Abortion is the most performed operation on a woman. One out of four women will have an abortion. In the African-American community, it can truly be described as Black Genocide, for as I have written before, 52% of all African-American pregnancies end in Abortion - 1,786 a day... Spelled out, that's One-Thousand-Seven-Hundred-Eighty-Six African-American children a day! In the City of New York, 60% of African-American pregnancies end with the death of the child by Abortion.
It's the same for Obamacare... Deception. That name implies 'Barack-Obama-Cares' about the Americans who will be receiving its care. It would appear that 2,000 companies and Unions who are a part of the Democrat machine, along with the Congress and their employees, are the only ones he cares about, for they are all exempted - along with himself - from having to have "Obamacare." Affordable? Deception. Remember when Candidate Obama was running for president... you were promised a savings of $2,500 only to find out it will cost nearly three times the amount promised each family would save. How in heaven can you call this affordable? When companies are making full-time employees, part-time employees, and you ask them why, and they say: they can't "afford" to keep them full time because of the "Affordable" Health Care Act... What's wrong with this picture? The irony is unbearable and the sanity of Americans who remain silent, especially those in the church, is absolutely incomprehensible. We are beginning to mirror the conditions Pastor Martin-Niemöller poetically described in Germany in the late 30's. I have re-arranged his historic quote to reflect America today.
First they came for a Conservative talk show host,
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Conservative talk show host.
Then they came for the Tea Party,
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a member of the Tea Party,
Then they came for the Catholic Bishops,
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Catholic Bishop,
Then they came for me, a Baptist Preacher;
I told them I voted for "change" and was with Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton,
And a United Methodist.
They Left Me Alone!

Rev. Clenard Childress

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sudan Solidarity Network calls on the Sudan Government to stop the on-going brutal & inhumane acts against the Sudanese people


Will Omar Al Bashir be the next to crumble? Anti government protests have erupted in different parts of the Sudan. Sudan is on fire.  Over the past week the Sudanese armed forces and police, in a futile effort to deny the Sudanese people their constitutional freedoms of peaceful association and expression, have randomly and indiscriminately fired live ammunition at civillians’ heads and chests, resulting in, at least 100 reported deaths and serious injuries. 
More than 2000 protesters, including journalists have been rounded up and detained in different parts of the Sudan.  Journalists who are deemed to be or simply suspected of being in defiance of the media blackout are at risk of persecution by arrest and interrogation.
News emanating from the Sudan tells a story of riots that have spread beyond the already volatile areas of Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains. The anti-government protests began in Wad Medani, in the centre of Sudan before spreading to Khartoum and other towns and cities.
The Sudan Solidarity Network (SSN), founded and based in South Africa, has condemned the attack and is calling upon the rest of the world to take a stand against President Al Bashir and the National Congress Party. The Executive Director of the SSN, Mr Sabir Abu Saadia said “what we want for the Sudan is peace and respect for the democratic rights of the people. We denounce the murder of unarmed men, women and children whose fundamental rights have been trampled; enough is enough”.
In expressing its commitment to the cause, the SSN has issued a statement of solidarity with the people of Sudan. The statement is an expression of the unequivocal and uncompromising support and solidarity with the protesters, including the youths and journalists.  “The free world has to take a position. It is time that Al Bashir realised that he is isolated, he cannot continue to violate people’s fundamental rights with the rest of the world hiding behind an assumed lack of knowledge” said Mr Saadia.
The Statement of Solidarity (a shortened version and a full length version) accompany this press release: Statement%20of%20Solidarity%20with%20the%20People%20of%20Sudan%20%2... | Statement%20of%20Solidarity%20with%20the%20People%20of%20Sudan%20%2...
If you would like more information on the topic at hand and the SSN or to schedule an interview with Mr Sabir Abu Saadia please send an email to The Secretary General, or phone any one of the following:
Sabir Abu Saadia    _                      +27 82 954 4373
Rashid Hassan        _                      +27 82 907 9345
Sabelo Sibanda       _                      +27 73 084 5415
Issued by the Sudan Solidarity Network (Founded and based in South Africa)

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