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Changing the Economy With the Buying Power of African-Americans

[By ] In an article earlier this year in Brand Week, Pepper Miller, founder of the Hunter-Miller Group, a research and consulting firm specializing in marketing to African-Americans, stated that self-segregation exists in the social media space, and has a huge impact on advertisers. "You really have to understand who you are talking to," she told Brand week in a recent interview. Miller also discussed why engagement is a huge part of reaching black consumers, and she offered examples of some successful [and not so successful] ads targeting African-Americans.
The buying power of African-Americans is huge and powerful indeed. For example, African-Americans will command $1.1 trillion in buying power by 2011, according to the Packaged Facts reports, "The African American market in the US." Moreover, affluent African-Americans control a disproportionate share of spending. There are currently 2.4 million African-American homes with annual incomes of $75,000 or more. Though they comprise only 17% of the African-American population, they account for 45% of total African-American spending power.
Affluent African-Americans have a greater propensity than other affluent to buy expensive luxury items. The African-American cohort continues to be a significant consumer segment that in some ways exercises more economic clout than the ever - popular Hispanic one, comments Tatjana Meerman, Publisher of Packaged Facts.
An article published by Multi-channel News echoed the same thoughts and stated that African-Americans purchasing behaviors differ in various ways, and ranges from what they buy at the grocery store to clothing style and magazine preferences. A study by BET (Black Entertainment Television) found that theU.S. African American population is expanding both in pure numbers and in buying power and has major influence on technological and media trends.
Moreover, according to "African Americans Revealed" - a study of more than 80,000 African-American consumers over 18-month span broken down into several individual research reports -- African Americans in 2008 accounted for a 10% increase in population from 2008 versus 2000, while African-American buying power increased more than 55% during the same period to $913 billion. Perhaps the most exciting news, for those serial entrepreneurs researching products and the markets to focus on, this news should be exciting indeed, because by the year 2013 black buying power will reach $1.2 trillion dollars, a whopping 35% increase versus 2008, according to survey and study conducted by Black Entertainment Television Network, better known as BET.
As the economy has ruin dreams of many, and hopes have dashed for others, I fully contend with you that it might be a blessing in disguise. Perhaps you have dreamed of owning your own business for some time now, but never had the guts to leave your day job, for fear of the unknown. This is a normal reaction for many people, and certainly understandable, especially now in this uncertain economic climate. But that is precisely why it's the best time, and the right time for you to start that new business, and or create that product idea you've had for many years, the same idea that friends and family have told you would do well on the market.
As you read this article, I'm in hopes you will gain new insight, and find new hope, joy and fulfillment of that dream that you had, and or have, and step out on your faith, armed in knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and insight as to how you're going to make your dream a reality.
My articles, and all that I bring forth is to encourage and enlighten those who are seeking ideas for new products, starting a new business, building and enhancing a brand, or for those who prefer, find the perfect job.
For my parting words allow me to leave you with this amazing thought that if embraced can help turn our economy around once again.
Succeeding in any business one must first be a cheerful giver, but not everyone is so cheerful when giving unto to others. While the real foundation to any good business is hidden in their giving, more people will give with regret in their heart. Because of this attitude, economies all over the world are suffering. Givers can be divided into three types: the flint, the sponge and the honeycomb. Some givers are like a piece of flint - to get anything out of it you must hammer it, and even then you only get chips and sparks. Others are like a sponge - to get anything out of a sponge you must squeeze it and squeeze it hard, because the more you squeeze a sponge, the more you get. But others are like a honeycomb - which just overflows with its own sweetness.
As described in the above paragraph, I've tried to point out the three types of consumers and entrepreneurs we have in today's economy. Some people are flints; others are like a sponge, and other people are like the honeycomb. Which one are you?
Rone de Beauvoir, Author of Shop Until You Drop in the Lap of Luxury; Branding Expert, Relationship Expert, Coach, Social Entrepreneur and owner of Meet My Brand™ a Tryvertising Agency shows you how to establish relationships, build brands, launch new products, and create new businesses from top trends with her unique insider tips, insights and secrets, while helping you create the life and wealth you want and deserve. Receive Rone's insider tips and secrets, become a Member today, sign-up at her website [] Free gifts for signing up today.
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Notes from an Elder: Response against Police Terror

Notes from an Elder: Response against Police Terror

By Robert Doughtie

As I watch the march of history the forces of resistance are rising to meet the present challenges of police terror. The question is will demonstrations be enough? The outbreak of civilian demonstrations and acts of civil disobedience even in the face of outright military state mobilization has forced corporate media to stubbornly try to rewrite what millions of people see unfold before their very eyes. Rebellions aren’t new its nature‘s way of dealing with the patent exploitation and oppression which is highlighted by the blood sacrifice that the mechanism of the state has to inflict to remind the masses who is in control.
Now the cry of Black lives matter will not fulfill the social contract of essential liberation. Objectively Black lives don’t matter in a white supremacist empire which has a policy of wholesale terror and exploitation.
There are exceptions to that rule however:
Black lives matter in a white supremacist culture when such lives are positioned to create wealth for the exploiter and oppressor. Black lives matter when there is a need for a minstrel show in a vain effort to project in technicolor that in the 21st century that we live in a post racial society. Black lives matter when the corporate controlled US state needs someone to fight imperial wars overseas in an attempt to maintain political instability in foreign nations; or support armed struggle by a mercenary class to assure the extraction of their mineral wealth at bargain basement compensation, or the stagnation of democratic development to maintain the comprador class that oppresses its own population. Black lives matter when it is time to incarcerate Black individuals to use them as slave labor in the prison industrial complex to increase corporate profits as well as stimulate bond issues by investment bankers to privatize prisons for further capital extraction.
The everyday violence against Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White working class people by the police is nothing new. The paramilitary forces are used to contain organized dissent that seeks to move towards a just society, crush workers movements and maintain the status quo. The recent mounting offenses against the 99 percent have been punctuated by the murdering of unarmed civilians by the gendarme who keep the masses in their oppressed and exploited place. The murdering of civilians by police officers has always been a flash point for confrontation with the corporate controlled state. And when the people confront such atrocities with acts of counter-violence after being taunted by the military might of that very same corporate controlled state the people are portrayed as the instigator of civil unrest when in fact it is the actions of state personnel that causes the spontaneous outrage against the only thing that the corporate controlled state really cares about and that is commercial property. The calls by “responsible” (to the corporations) leadership for non-violence and peaceful demonstrations with condemnation of such acts of counter- violence are echoed throughout corporate media. Condemnation of the murdering of civilians by federal, state and local military (police) personnel is either muted or never on their agenda.
When the people demand that the legal apparatus be used to enact the mechanisms of justice the state’s response is to orchestrate a secret panel beyond the scrutiny of transparency and adversarial discourse to come to a preordained conclusion of no bill. Such action ridicules the premise of an open democratic society, mocks the words of the United States constitution and blatantly ignores the will of the people. The irrational Orwellian conclusion of “justifiable homicide” dictated by the state legal apparatus is announced after preparations for a rational response by the people have already been put in place by the corporate controlled state which is mobilization of its armed forces on the federal, state and local level to crush the rebellion if its actions go as far as to stop business as usual on any meaningful level.
Since 9/11 some say we live in a different political environment where banks are too big to fail, bank high level executives are too privileged to go to jail while the US and global economy is structured to fill the coffers of the one percent by sucking the wealth created by the working class through disproportionate taxation to maintain the military corporate prison state, unfair wages and an educational system that doesn’t guarantee employment yet burdens post-secondary graduates with onerous loans.
We live under the restrictions of a corporate national security state that watches our every move through cameras on the street and drones in the air, credit card purchases are monitored, telephone conversations warehoused, your cable selections noted, the websites you visit cataloged, your social medias sites analyzed to see if you are the type of person to resist the corporate military prison state. And if the corporate states’ military and intelligence apparatus decides that you are a threat to their interests you go on a list. Those on that list are further scrutinized to see if you are planning actions against the repressive state.
One must be cognizant that this has never been a “perfect union”. The United States of America was built on genocide of the indigenous population, the super exploitation of Black, Brown and Yellow labor and the exploitation of White labor. Today our daily existence is permeated with an ever prevailing practice of white supremacy, sexism, state terrorism, rape culture, homophobia and xenophobia. However there is constant resistance to these degenerate aspects of our lives. What we are seeing now with demonstrations not only against police terrorism and slave wages are people organically carving out space for a revolutionary culture with a principle essence of love, community and improvement of humankind. Workers are creating collectives for economic production to meet their own needs since transnational corporations that were giving birth in the US are seeking cheaper labor overseas to satisfy the greed of their shareholders.
The consciousness of the United States citizenry is in a period of reflection and resistance. Even though there are constant attempts to distort the historical past and present reality of the United States citizenry its culture has revolutionary roots. We are a revolutionary people. When we look at ourstory it challenges us to take another direction than the one we are on presently as dictated by the well-financed corporate politicians who presently occupy the governmental institutions that control the levers of power and media. The men that I’m about to mention were not perfect yet their actions were perfect in a moment in time in respect to advancing the ideology of human rights even though they flagrantly failed when it came to revolutionary practice. Crispus Attucks, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Quincy Adams and Thomas Pain, among others, separated themselves from the United Kingdom in search of establishing a nation where law was above privilege and applied equally to its citizens regardless of station because the government is of, by and for the people. The problem was with that moment. The moment wasn’t long enough and the propertied Whited male class wasn’t principled enough to include at that historical time repatriation of lands to the indigenous peoples, liberty for Black people and White woman in the land we now call North America. And yet we struggled. We fought a civil war which tore this young nation apart to end chattel slavery. Unions were established to protect workers’ rights. Women struggled to get the right to vote. Black people carried out insurrection to end segregation for what they paid for in taxes but were denied access to by state and local law.
We aren’t done yet. We have to continue promoting a revolutionary consciousness and practice. Resistance should be an integral part of our lives if we want to end homelessness, incarceration for non-violent offenses, discrimination, unlivable wages, human trafficking, unsustainable economics, race, sex and gender negative discrimination, violent verbal attacks, police murder, imperial warfare, violence against the people, hunger and all other actions that run counter to positive human development and actual fairness for all.
No there is no blueprint. Create a theory on the following two laws: (1) Love thy neighbor as you love yourself (if you don’t love yourself learn to love yourself). (2) Do not violate the first law. Build the revolutionary movement. Debate the issues, create a program and implement it. Observe, analyze, plan and act. Study history, gather information/intelligence; the enemy is collecting data to either set you up or set a trap. Have faith in the people. Yes some people aren’t ready to engage in struggle because they are already defeated. Your role is to show them the possibilities through action and living out the fact that the people are the government and the bureaucrats from the top down are here to serve us. If public servants don’t realize that then it’s time to show them the door! Demonstrations are not ends in themselves. Demonstrations are platforms to engage people, have a dialogue discuss the issues of the day. Movement is just that keep it going. Make YouTube videos, create blogs, and carry out flash mobs shut down the normal day. Create an alternative style of existence. Grow your own food (it tastes better anyways), Have pot luck breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Make your own clothes use mass transportation - - create your own mass transportation. Engage police officers and other public servants. Be polite but don’t place yourself in harm’s way because you know how dangerous some police officers are.
Yes people are going to die. They are dying every day. Some are spiritually dead and just cogs in a wheel that grinds up a bit of their soul every day. Many people are zombies in a world of alienation created by the unbridled pursuit of capital by all and any means.
Theorize, practice, analyze, adjust and build a better world. Those who claim to be in control aren’t in control. No is a very powerful word. Refuse and resist in word, deed and action. Challenge the corporate thought. Strip the illusion and show the raw real world as it is and change it. This is your revolutionary duty to yourself, to the people and future generations.
Let me be clear this is not about civil rights. Our peoples struggle is about human rights. You cannot be free until you act free. Individual liberty is a myth either we are all free or no one’s free. The struggle continues and Power to the People!
So refuse and resist. Confront the madness and show that love for one another. Challenge the fa├žade of freedom because it’s an illusion. Strip it down so that all can see it for all its ugly nakedness of terrorism, abuse and horror. So plant the seed, write the poems, pen the essays, produce the street plays, sing the songs, paint the murals of resistance, and dance to the rhythm of liberation! When you act like free people you will become free people.
In conclusion let a thousand demonstrations of resistance bloom. Build the mass movement. Be creative with non-violent direct action. Disrupt the notion of normal because any sane individual can see that this madness must end; unemployment, working for slave wages, nonexistent affordable housing, destruction of our environment, rape without consequences, police murder, human trafficking, unbridled foreign and domestic wars, stop and frisk, disproportionate ticketing of people of color, prison industrial complex-re-enslavement, unrecognized indigenous sovereignty, hunger, inadequate education and so much more.
Get on the move and build towards a better world.

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12 year old Black NJ CEO Essynce Moore of Essynce Couture, LLC launches tour for new book "6th Grade Middle School Chronicles"

-- 12-year old Essynce Moore's book tour for her new book "6th Grade Middle School Chronicles" will kick off with two stops in New Jersey on March 14th and April 18th. -
Youth entrepreneur Essynce Moore began her career at just 6 years old. Now, the tween is the owner of Essynce Couture, LLC, Essynce Couture University (ECU), Essynce Couture Publishing and the center of growing channels of branding that include careers in motivational speaking, acting, and fashion. Moore is also the author of the newly released 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles.
Moore has announced a book tour that is taking her across the nation to meet with press, media, investors, sponsors, and other children who are interested in meeting her and learning all about the new book. 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles is geared to like-minded tweens and tells the story of Moore's 6th grade year. The story is a tale of drama, secrets, heartbreak, and new friends that grabs readers' attention with juicy gossip and the inherent perspective of a pre-teen's day-to-day life.
Moore's book tour is kicking off with two stops in New Jersey. The first event will be held on March 14, 2015, at the Central Ave. McDonald's in East Orange. The second New Jersey event will be held at the Broad St. McDonald's in Newark on April 18. Both New Jersey book tour stops are sponsored by McDonald's - Quintana Organization, Hills Car and Limo Service, and Essynce Couture. A subsequent stop is slated for the second week in April in Atlanta, Georgia, and the event is sponsored by Dogs on Wheels Events and Catering, Diverse New America, Essynce Couture, and Taste Vintage. Essynce Moore Publishing, a division of Essynce Couture, is also interested in meeting clients who are writing a book for children, tweens, and/or teens to assist with publishing.
The 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles book tour serves to connect interested fans, sponsors, press, and media personalities with Essynce Moore's talent that spans acting, writing, fashion, and motivational speaking. In addition, Moore hopes to assist others in the arena of publishing their books, and the book tour will also be conducive to bringing these new clients aboard Essynce Moore Publishing. Those wishing to have their copy of 6th Grade Middle School Chronicles signed by Moore or learn more about Essynce Couture or Essynce Moore Publishing can stop by any of the book tour stops. More information is available at

About Essynce Moore
Tweenpreneur, children's stylist, children's fashion designer, actress, motivational speaker, and author Essynce Moore has been in various fashion shows, pageants, and karate tournaments. She has showcased at NY Fashion Weeks and Atlanta Kids Fashion Week, been featured in several interviews, and is a member of the New York Youth Chamber of Commerce.

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