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Unborn Black Lives Matter

By  |  Since all Black Lives Matter, it follows that Unborn Black Lives Matter (UBLM) as well. African Americans make up about 12.6% of the U.S. population (U. S. Census), but Black mothers account for about 35.4% of all abortions (The U. S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC)). African American mothers have over 5 times more abortions as white mothers (The Alan Guttmacher Institute). On the average day in America, 1,876 Black babies are killed by abortion.
A Social Worker and Civil Rights Leader once made a gruesome observation. A few years ago, 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster in Los Angeles outside a pathology laboratory. Some 12,000 to 15,000 of them were Black babies (Erma Clardy Craven).
This has resulted in an astounding loss of life, and these are our own children that we're talking about. Some 16 million innocent Black children have been willingly and eagerly killed through legalized abortion since 1973.
Considering that the Black population of the U. S. today is about 36 million, the deaths of these 16 million innocent children constitute an enormous loss (Michael Novak). Without abortion, our Black population would be about 52 million, over 30% higher than it is with the killing of our own children. Abortion has killed three of every ten African Americans. In other words, African Americans should make up about 18.2% of our population instead of only 12.6%.
We may call this genocide--the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. Or, we may call it infanticide--the act of killing an infant. We may also call it murder, whether or not the courts choose to extend the right to life only to "citizens."
Since 1973, for every African American that has died due to (other) "violent crimes," 42 totally innocent African American kids have died from abortion (CDC National Vital Statistics Reports). About six times as many African American children have died from abortion as the total number (all ages) of African Americans who have died from heart disease during this same period.
Consider the 1,876 daily abortions of Black babies in the U. S. At that rate:
- We kill more Black babies every day than all U. S. deaths in the 15-year Afghanistan War (1,742).
- In only two days, we kill more Black babies than the number of people who died on 9/11 (2,606).
- In only three days, we kill more of our own Black children than all U. S. deaths in the Iraq War (4,488).
- Every month, we kill more Black babies than all U. S. deaths in the Vietnam War (58,209).
- It takes only eight months for us to kill as many Black babies as all U. S. deaths in World War II (405,399). In other words, we cause more death to our own African American community every eight months as what Germany and Japan brought upon our whole country in four years of the worst world war in history.
- In a little over one year, we kill more Black babies than all U. S. deaths (both sides) in the Civil War (750,000). Again, we do to ourselves (our African American community alone) every year what it took four years of civil war to do to our entire country.
- Every two years, we kill more Black babies than all U. S. deaths in all wars (1,354,664). So, in the past 40 years, abortion has killed twenty times more Black children than all U. S. deaths in all wars. This is an astonishing number.
"[Martin Luther King, Jr.] once said, 'The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.' How can the 'Dream' survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate." (Alveda C. King).
The African American community, and everyone else, should be revolted by this latest civil rights issue. Unborn Black Lives Matter because we have murdered 30% of our African American population through legal abortion--far more than all other types of death combined. Of all of those aborted Black children, how many would have grown up to be civil rights leaders, pastors, entrepreneurs, Congressmen, Senators, or U. S. Presidents?
Owen Weber is the founder of Christian Data Resources, which publishes Christian books and articles on topical issues and frequently asked Bible questions. His passion is to promote Bible study by teaching others how to learn more about God's Word. This will enable readers to decide where they stand on the issues, according to how they interpret God's Word for themselves. Visit http://www.christiandataresources.com/ for answers to your Bible questions.

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Psychological Warfare is being waged Against Venezuela

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Approximately one month ago, I made an intense ten day visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as a guest of the Venezuelan Chapter of the International Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity, and I can tell you that the Venezuela that I saw with my very own eyes is not the chaotic “hell-hole” of a country that the Western dominated mass media is projecting to the world!

Venezuela – as we all know – is currently undergoing a difficult period. The Venezuelan economy is centred on the petroleum industry, and with international oil prices having plummeted from some US $140.00 a barrel to in the vicinity of US $28.00 a barrel, the Venezuelan Government is facing a serious shortage of financial resources.

(And let it be recorded that knowledgeable observers of international politics are  aware that this drastic decline in oil prices is the outcome of a deliberate and sustained attack on the economies of socialist Venezuela and Russia by the United States of America and its Saudi Arabia ally!)

Furthermore, the effect of the decline in oil prices has been compounded by a currently ongoing effort on the part of the traditional Venezuelan elite or bourgeoisie to undermine the socialist Government of Nicolas Maduro by using their business networks to manufacture shortages of basic food, household and personal items in Venezuela, in order to make the ordinary people suffer and to blame the Government for their suffering!

Thus, during my ten day stay in Caracas I did see some evidence of Venezuelans having to wait in long lines to purchase some food and other household items. I also saw evidence of a scarcity of electricity supplies, and several Venezuelans expressed to me their concerns about the level of inflation in the country.

But I certainly saw no signs of desperate and hungry people who had resorted to eating dogs, cats, and rats, as claimed by the Western dominated news media! I also saw no signs of a shattered health care system and a 700 per cent increase in infant mortality, as is being suggested in several propaganda stories that are being published about Venezuela!

And-- contrary to the idiotic idea that is currently being peddled by the international news media-- at no time during my visit was I ever left with the impression that life was so hard and hopeless in Venezuela that our Caribbean islands were in imminent danger of having thousands of desperate Venezuelan migrants turn up on our shores in ramshackle boats!

Quite frankly, the people of the world are being fed a gross (and grotesque) exaggeration of the situation in Venezuela, compliments of a Western dominated establishment mass media apparatus that is intent on bringing down the socialist Government of Venezuela, and returning that country to the fold of US neo-colonial client states.

The simple fact is that the establishment forces in the United States of America and in the private sector of Venezuela have never reconciled themselves to the fact that the late great President Hugo Chavez effectively nationalized the tremendous oil resources of Venezuela (the largest in the world), and took them out of the hands of their traditional US multi-national and Venezuelan private sector elite exploiters!

Not only haven’t they reconciled themselves to this fact, but they have remained ever determined to destroy what they perceive to be the threatening socialist and nationalist  Movement that Chavez and his Bolivarian Revolution catalyzed all over the Latin American continent.

And with the untimely and tragic death of Chavez in 2013, the US establishment and their elitist private sector Latin American allies sense that now is the time to press home their attack. Hence, the orchestrated and determined onslaughts against virtually all of the socialist or nationalist leaders of Latin America – Christina Kirchner (Argentina), Dilma Rousseff and Lula Da Silva (Brazil), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), and of course Nicolas Maduro (Venezuela).

Those of us who follow international affairs know very well how this works! Once the US or British establishment has determined that a country and/or its leader is their enemy, they subject them to a comprehensive and relentless mass media-based Psychological Warfare campaign!

They put their powerful news agencies (United Press, Reuters, Associated Press) and their multi-national news corporations (CNN, BBC, FOX, NBC etc) to work on manufacturing a particularly damaging image of the country or leader and foisting such image on the people of the world.

Permit me to give two particularly outrageous examples of this phenomenon in order to drive home the point I am trying to make.

When the USA and Britain were getting ready to invade Iraq, they told the people of the world – among other things – that President Saddam Hussein was in the habit of going into hospitals at night and deliberately killing little babies lying in incubators! And many people in Barbados and other countries of the world actually believed this ridiculous propaganda – because they heard it on CNN!

Similarly, when they were preparing to destroy Libya, they “confirmed” that President Muammar  Gaddafi was giving his soldiers “Viagra” and instructing them to go out and rape Libyan women! And yet again, many people around the world actually believed this vile and ridiculous propaganda – because they heard it on the BBC!

The reality is that if the powerful Western powers intend to try to  destroy you, their news agencies will publish a steady stream of negative news stories about you. Indeed, if anything negative happens in the targeted country or to the targeted leader it will be highly publicized; if anything positive happens, it will be suppressed; and if there is a neutral  happening that can be twisted and subjected to a negative interpretation, it will be given precisely such treatment!

And so we know that with Venezuela and Nicolas Maduro being in the cross-hairs of the US State Department, we cannot trust any “news” that the Western news agencies and multinational media corporations publish about these subjects! Furthermore, we can be certain that they will not publish any news about constructive measures that President Maduro and his PSUV Government are taking to rectify the economic situation in Venezuela.

I am therefore hereby calling upon the seasoned and veteran journalists of Barbados and the wider Caribbean who know how this wicked system works, to bestir themselves and seek out alternative sources of objective information about the unfolding situation in Venezuela. I am beseeching them not to simply publish news stories that are fed to them by the Western news agencies.

Let us not – through intellectual laziness and naivety – play into the hands of those forces that intend to do everything in their power to keep Latin America and the Caribbean in a subservient and exploited condition!

Clement Payne Movement

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

African Americans: Decide Your Destiny, Master Your Mind, Part 1

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." Maya Angelou.
Our ability to exercise self-discipline is key to taking control of our destinies. It is the ability to delay self-gratification while working toward the rewards of your long-term goals. It is also the skill of getting yourself out of unproductive emotional states and into more productive and more resourceful states using proven strategies.
Many times, we do not realize how much control we have over how we feel at any given moment. How we feel is determined by the meaning we give to events regardless of whether they are real or only perceived events. For example, we all know that the boogey man does not exist but the fear we may have experienced as children is just as legitimate as if he was real. Perceived and real threats can both cause physical manifestations such as goose bumps, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and cause your hair to stand on the back of your neck. Managing our emotional states is one of the most powerful skills we can acquire. Many people make decisions about business, money and relationships while in unresourceful states which can lead to disastrous consequences. Emotional mastery is achieved once you are able to recognize the emotional states you are experiencing at any moment and alter them so that your emotions are serving you instead of controlling you. Think of the parent that takes a few deep breaths and counts to ten before acting upon seeing the destruction their little one left in the living room. The parent instinctively knows that it is better to take control of her emotional state first so that she can deliver just enough punishment for it to be effective without being overly harsh. An overreaction to this situation could confuse the child and create unintended lasting impressions on the child.
The reason this is a very critical skill for African Americans such that I mention it as the first skill in my book, "The 7 Simple Secrets to Wealth Building", is that a large number of us are vulnerable in this area. The higher percentages of African Americans living in poverty, who are fatherless and live in communities where crime and violence are pervasive as well as the negative and stereotypical images of African Americans in movies, television and music videos are all damaging to our sense of self esteem and are an assault upon our spiritual and emotional fortitude.
Reversing these statistics can dramatically give us the edge we desperately need to give our future generations. Strong families, strong faith, a sense of security at home and school and positive images of black families can uplift and shield our self esteem from the negative influences in the world. There is no better gift we can give our children then to provide them with these blessings.
Many of the great successes in African American history suffered loss and defeat before ultimately achieving victory. A fragile self-esteem will find it very difficult to muster the perseverance and resolve needed to recover from defeat and succeed against the odds. Here are some strategies you can employ to successfully get yourself out of unproductive states and into more resourceful and productive states.
  • Generate Passion Using Visualization
  • Gain Ultimate Leverage-Know Your Values and Beliefs
  • Prayer and forgiveness:
Each of these points will be discussed in more detail in subsequent articles. The key here is to recognize that the unique experience of African Americans calls for a different view on the solutions presented. Simply doing what "Whites" do is not an adequate solution to "Black" problems. We must create our own solutions that satisfy our needs. Each of these strategies attempts to do just that.
About The Author
Posted on January 08, 2005 - this article is an excerpt from the downloadable ebook by Bret Searles titled "The 7 Simple Secrets to Wealth Building: An African American's Guide to Wealth Building in the 21st Century and Beyond" available at www.blackwealthnow.com bret@blackwealthnow.com

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What Is Sin? Its Origin and Blindness

By   Religions claim that certain activities are due to sin and that their priests can literally wipe the slate clean so one can still go to heaven. It's a trick! There is no such thing as sin and the devil is actually God (Isaiah 45:4-8). How do I know this and why speak about it? Isn't it enough that the world is organised and some have a degree of happiness with the status quo? Why upset things and open a can of worms that may have no limit?
Following my reincarnation and linked to the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, it commissioned me to tear down the wall of blindness and bring in the harvest. We are at the end of the day and things occurring now are proof of it. The huge spike in population and the unsustainable growth of humanity is testimony that all that have lived are back ready for the judgment (Isaiah 26:19).
Reincarnation was buried by the wall put up by the first beast. That is the sun-star of Babylon that was shown to me in a vision whereby the early dawn's rays were dispersed through an aperture into the brilliant rainbow-coloured rings of moving light. Central to it is the right-angled cross. The circle and cross are sacred signs.
Stylised into a woman named 'Mary' men considered they could 'marry' the god and rise into with the light. It first recognised religion was named 'Zoro Aster' or 'Morning Star'. The city was occupied by the Amors who built an empire while spreading their doctrine throughout the Mesopotamia region as Islam.
The blindness of those who died on crosses for this purpose could not be erased while notions born of it grew. The first evidence of crucifixion is found here and the elders of the city performed rituals the like of which are practiced today. The chief God of Islam is the sun, and its five-pointed star sits on its flag and over the systems of the world.
'Sin' is derived from 'sun' which is also the same as 'san' and 'son'. Vowels were not used in language as such and their sounds 'float' throughout. 'I-s-el-am' means 'eye of light-god mother' or written as 'I-s-ma-el' is translates as 'eye of light-mother god' and all religions are based on it.
The Amors built Roma (reverse Amor) and continued to plunder, overrun nations, enslave, murder, and steal throughout Europe and Africa. One of them was Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD based on Islamic principles. He is identified as 666 in Revelation 13:12-18. He put up the image of Jesus Christ and reinstated Mary as Mother of God.
Sin is a trick to get people into the religion and keep them there and it is derived from 'sun'. While priests claim to forgive them hell is the lock on the door. This strengthened the wall that grew too big to circumvent.
Reincarnation is fact and everyone is back for the judgment at the end. They are turning to the Mountain of God, which is the Internet to find the answers promised to be given at this time (Micah 4:1).

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9385514


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