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Carlos A. Cooks: (June 23, 1913 - May 5, 1966) The Ideological Son of Marcus Mosiah Garvey

A True Blackman
Robert Acemendeces Harris

If, as the new saying goes, "truth is [really] on its way" then, perhaps, Black People can finally also be back on their way. Which way? The way out of all of the confusion, contradictions and cultural degeneration that has retarded the liberation of our people these last few years. 
Truth is not an abstract, it refers to sincerity, honesty, conformity to fact, correctness, exactitude, et cetera. Carlos Cooks was truth personified. It is also the truth that, if one man can be singled out as, the individual personality, most responsible for the resurrection on Marcus Garvey's philosophy and program then that man is Carlos Cooks. 
Carlos Cooks was to Black Nationalism what John Coltrane was to the so-called avant-grade "jazz", and what Aretha is to soul music; the prime progenitor among their respective peers.
The main difference was the fact that during his life time, Cooks never receive his proper recognition. This was mainly because he was denied national coverage -- by white and "Black" press -- and was bound by an oath (the sacri) not to seek publicity for himself. 
But since programs are often personified within certain individuals, and either live beyond or die along with their respective advocates, AJASS believes that -- if we are really going to re-establish truth in our Liberation Struggle, then more of our people should know about the relevance of Carlos Cooks. 
Carlos A. Cooks was born on June 23, 1913 in the Dominican Republic and died May 5th, 1966 in Harlem. During his 52 years on this planet, he passed through a phenomenal experience by spending his entire lifetime dedicated to the liberation of Africa, its universal communities, and all its peoples. This fact alone puts him among the ranks of the Hon. Marcus Garvey and the grand patriarch of the, movement, Hon. Edward Wilmot Blyden. 
It was Carlos Cooks who administered the Advance Division of the UNIA after Garvey's deportation. He fought psychologically and physically -- to uplift Mr. Garvey's name from the gutters of ghetto minds. Brother Frank Rockwood of the Harlem UNIA branch can attest to this truth. 
It was Carlos Cooks who coined the phrase "BUY BLACK" as an economic solvency in the various African Communities throughout America. Attorney Cora Walker, who successfully engineered the Harlem Co-op market can vouch for that. 
It was Carlos Cooks who found the first so-titled African Nationalist organization. Check it out with Brothers and Sisters of the African Nationalist Pioneer Movement, they will tell you. 
It was Carlos Cooks whom the late Malcolm X told many of us, that: "I respect Mr. Cooks because he is real Garveyite, a true Black Nationalist!" Since truth is supposed to be the only way, ask Sister Betty Shabazz about this. 
It was Carlos Cooks who kept Garvey's UNIA Red, Black, and Green tricolors displayed daily and nightly. Go on over to the African Market at 125th Street near Lenox Avenue, ask for Brother Frank Jones 'cause he can tell you about it. 
It was Carlos Cooks who maintained an African Nationalist Legion, mentally prepared and physically ready to join the African Liberation struggle. I don't know if the rest of the officials of the Republic of New Africa know this, but I'm sure that Brother Herman Ferguson does. 
It was Cooks who continuously advocated armed retaliation against the cracker beasts who viciously murdered our Brothers and Sisters in the South. Truth is supposed to be on its way, so ask Brother Robert Williams. 
It was Carlos Cooks who designated August 17th -- the birthday of Marcus Garvey -- as the first Black holiday, official or unofficial. And if you ask James Lawson (privately), the Brother will probably tell you the truth, too. 
It was Carlos Cooks who first perfected an oratorical art of street speaking from his step-ladder, all over Harlem, but, especially on 125th Street and 7th Avenue. Brother Ed. "Porkchop" Davis and Brother Charles Kenyatta can verify that as the truth. 
It was Carlos Cooks who first formed an independent school, complete with a course in Kiswahili at a time (1954) when many of our people didn't even know where Africa was, never mind what Swahili was. Brother Al Vann, of the African-American Teachers Association, can educate you to the truth about this. 
It was Carlos Cooks who first defined the difference between the terms Black and/or African as opposed to "Negro" and fought to have the latter word abrogated as a racial classification. You can even ask Richard Moore (author of The Word Negro And Its Evil Use) about this. Or you can read the documentation of this in "BLACK NATIONALISM: A Search For Identity In America" by Prof. E. U. Essien-Udom of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He printed some truth about this particular issue. 
It was Carlos Cooks who organized the Universal African Relief to send tons of cloths and medical supplies to our struggling fellow Africans in South West Africa and Angola -- over ten year ago. Ask Brother Hage Geingob of SWAPO or any of the other Brothers representing the liberation forces in Namibia (Southwest Africa). Their case is based on truth. 
It was Carlos Cooks who first initiated the concept of natural hair as an issue of racial pride through his ANPM's MISS NATURAL STANDARD OF BEAUTY CONTEST. But just about everyone who comes in contact with AJASS knows this because our programs are based on truth and, so, we always let everyone know just where we're coming from. (Don't bother to ask the folks running the "Miss America Beauty Contest.) 
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Morehouse School of Medicine - Kingston Public Hospital, Jamaica - Report: Financial & Societal Cost of Gun Violence

  • The Costs of Gun Violence is Visually Explored By Morehouse School of Medicine
  • Using an Infographic the School Examines the Financial & Societal Tolls in the United States.
In a ground-breaking infographic presentation, Morehouse School of Medicine(MSM) explores the financial and societal tolls of gun violence in the United States, as well as the Atlanta area. 
"I see the physical effects every day in the operating room," says Omar Danner, M.D., FACS, associate professor and director of trauma, critical care and advanced laparoscopy for MSM at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Danner has joined other MSM researchers on countless research to explore this topic including, Violence Related injuries among Individuals Admitted to A Level I T....   This research found that:
"Of the total number of patients admitted to the trauma center (2,859), the majority were male (89%), African American (80%), and 20-39 years old (61%). The breakdown of VRI patients by the type of VRI shows that the majority (55%) were admitted to the center because of gunshot wounds followed by assaults (33%)."
Danner adds, "Now that we have identified the problem, the solution just can't be patching up young people to return them to violence in their communities. We hope that sharing these numbers visually will incite changes." 
MSM faculty, staff and students continue work to identify health disparities in communities around the world, through work like this. The school's mission driven work is leading the creation and advancement of health equity.
About Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM)
Founded in 1975, Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) is among the nation's leading educators of primary care physicians, biomedical scientists and public health professionals. In 2011, MSM was recognized by Annals of Internal Medicine as the nation's No. 1 medical school in fulfilling a social mission. MSM faculty and alumni are noted for excellence in teaching, research and public policy, as well as exceptional patient care.
Morehouse School of Medicine is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award doctoral and master's degrees. To learn more about programs and donate today, please visit or call 404-752-1500.
Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM)
ATLANTAJune 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- 
Big Bill For Gunshots - KPH Spending $400,000 A Day To Treat Victims Of Gunshot Wounds
Crime and violence have not only posed a serious threat to the security of Jamaicans, with an average of 28 murders per week and 672 killings up to June 17 this year, but taxpayers are paying a high price for gun conflicts. The Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) alone is spending an estimated $400,000 a day to treat victims of gunshot wounds.
In a presentation that left members of a select committee of Parliament stunned, Dr Ann Jackson-Gibson, an anaesthetist at the KPH, revealed yesterday that it has cost the country almost $80 million to treat victims of gun violence at the KPH since the start of the year.
At the same time, Dr Elizabeth Ward who, along with Jackson-Gibson, made a joint submission to the special select committee of Parliament examining the Law Reform Zones of Special Operations legislation, said that in 2014, it cost taxpayers $3.68 billion to provide direct medical care to victims of violence at 22 hospitals across Jamaica.
Ward said that the cost of social-intervention programmes in communities dubbed hotspots, which could significantly reduce the burden on hospitals, was $1.3 billion. "Where are we spending our money?" she asked.
Ward said that when effective community interventions were being funded in the past, non-governmental organisations were able to reduce by 50 per cent the number of gunshot wounds seen at the KPH.
The Zones of Special Operations bill sets out social-intervention measures to rebuild crime-plagued communities. This would take effect after the prime minister declares an area a zone for special operations, which would allow the security forces to search places, vehicles, or persons within specific locations without a warrant.
Jackson-Gibson pointed out that between January and June 20 this year, 28 persons who received gunshot wounds were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the KPH. Of the 28 persons, four died after being treated for between 20 and 25 days in the ICU.
She told the committee that based on available data, the average gunshot victim stays in the ICU for seven days.

Gunshot victims cost KPH $80 million since the start of the year

Dr Ann Jackson-Gibson painted a stark picture of patients who have been waiting to have elective surgery but have had to give way to emergencies occasioned by violent incidents.
"When you extrapolate that to the number of admissions, you are talking about almost 200 ICU admission days. When medical care such as room and board, salaries, ventilators, among other pieces of equipment, is itemised, it is looking more like $400,000 per day," Jackson-Gibson said.
"When you multiply that, you are talking about the hospital spending and taking resources out of the system to the tune of $80 million from the start of the year," the medical practitioner noted, adding that this was just KPH alone, with the medical costs incurred as a result of gunshot wounds at other hospitals not taken into account. CONTINUES
Published:Thursday | June 22, 2017 

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Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum Wins Bid on Harlem Building & Development Site; Preps $150M Capital Campaign

Project Managers Thompson International Professionals and Zubatkin & Associates to Engage the Switzer Group, Inc., and Constructomics MBE Design & Construction Firms for 'Phase I' Build-Out for February 2018 Opening
Hip Hop Television Channel is proud to announce that the Official Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum to the World has won its bid to acquire a major Harlem building and development site in this historical Arts and Cultural corridor of the World in New York CityCleveland is home to the Rock Hall of Fame and Harlem will be the location for the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Headquarters. 
The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is Chartered non-profit 501 (c)3 Museum and Educational Institution whose mission is to Preserve, Archive, Exhibit, Educate, and Showcase Hip Hop Music & Culture from around the world. To also conduct Research and Studies documenting hip-hop's historical influence on American Pop Culture and its Socio-Economic Impact on Societies and Trends around the world.
The HHHOF development team anticipates completing the building acquisition process over the next few months, and is making pre-development preparations to move right into the redesigning of the building's exterior and interior infrastructure in the 'phase I' plan set to open in February 2018. 'The preliminary plan includes a ground floor themed HHHOF cafĂ©, gallery, visitors bureau, and retail gift store with a second floor HHHOF museum, event space, offices, and multi-media studio for film and television content production in partnership with the HHHOF Arts & Media Youth Academy students that will be training for careers in tech and media, while producing real-life content for the museum, and the hip hop television channel network', stated JT Thompson the Creator and Executive Producer of the first ever Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV show that aired on BET Network in the 1990s, and Founder of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum.
Phase II planning will include a full scale design and build development of the total site that could be approximately 20 stories high and include The Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum & Hotel Entertainment Complex design concept that features the Hall of Fame, Museum, 5 Star Hotel, Retail Mall & Gift Shop, Arcade, TV Studios, Sports Bar, Restaurant & Concert Lounge with a goal of serving up to 1,000,000 local, national, and international visitors annually including music fans, tourists, students, culture enthusiasts, and families on educational & entertainment excursion tours. The HHHOF envisions a state of the art 'Green Technology & Energy Conservation' Museum building project that will aggressively explore and utilize all of the available cost and energy saving technologies and mechanisms that are currently in the marketplace.
The HHHOF will also have an educational component to the program that enables 25,000 NYC public school children per year to visit the facility on field trips with museum tours, and see live assembly programs that feature the Official HHHOF Mascot DJ B-Boy Scratch & Friends doing PSA's, passing out Academic Awards, and gift bags for kids and youth in grades K-12.  The HHHOF facility will produce hundreds of permanent and part time jobs, and provide job training, valuable internships, and community volunteer opportunities, with a goal to host up to 100+ live events, shows, concerts, and educational programs annually for people of all ages.  It is estimated to contribute approximately a $350M socio-economic impact to New York City and the Tri-State region annually when phase II of the development is completed.
All of these elements increase the overall sustainability of the Museum project and ongoing operations with multiple attractions, and strategic investment partnerships on Hotel, Retail, Restaurant, Entertainment and Sponsorships.
The HHHOF Harlem building is well positioned in a high volume traffic corridor next to a major transportation through way where an estimated 15+ million tourists and commuters pass by and travel annually.  Tourism is expected to see a continual rise in New York City over the next 7-10 years, cited by a recent NYC Mayor's government report. The community of Harlem has a rich history of Arts and Cultural contributions from the Renaissance that influenced artists, poets, scholars, educators, politicians, fashion, entrepreneurs, entertainers and community leaders from New York City throughout the world. Hip Hop music and culture will now join that legacy in Harlem's New Renaissance with the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum opening up its offices on the historic 125th Street.
Hip Hop music and culture today is a thriving social and economic marketplace encompassing music, film, sports, television, fashion, education, tech, and advertising. The HHHOF serves a very unique, diverse, and loyal targeted global audience that consist of youth demographics ages 12-34, and their families 25-55 who spend and influence approximately $1 Trillion dollars per year according to Russell Simmons advertising agency, on products, services, events, merchandise, and technology.
The Capital Campaign
The HHHOF to launch $150M Capital Fundraising Campaign to complete acquisition of the Harlem building and development site, Phase I Museum & Retail build-out for February 2018 opening, Memorabilia & Archive Development and Acquisitions, three years Operational Budgetary Funding, and full HHHOF Museum & Hotel Entertainment Complex pre-development activities for Phase II expansion, including new building Architectural Designs, Exhibits & Attractions Design and Construction, Building Tower Construction, Educational Programming, and Endowment Fund over the next 2-3 years.   
The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has been in ongoing conversations with prospective supporters in regards, to the Capital Campaign that will include support programs from Artists, Executives, Individuals, Foundations, Government Agencies, Private Investment Funds, and Corporate Partners & Brands whose expertise and contributions will help shape the project and bring its unique cultural identity to life on the world stage. HHHOF Team ito initiate the Capital Campaign Committee Planning Discussions with Industry Veteran Executives including MCA's Ernie Singleton, Giant Records Ms. Cassandra Mills, RCA's Kevin Evans, Sports Agent Aaron Goodwin, Sony's Demmette Guidry,  and more are being tapped to join an expanding group of Advisors, Committee Members, and Industry Relations professionals to be announced in the coming weeks that will include major Moguls, Artists, Pioneers, Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Influencers from all sectors of Business, Corporate, Finance, Education, Sports, Entertainment, Real Estate, The Arts, Community Leaders, Politics, and International Relations.
The HHHOF also envisions offering an array of Sponsorship and Naming Rights opportunities for National & International Corporate Brands, Products, Service Providers, and Facility Vendors. These once in a lifetime offers will include exclusive multi-year official category sponsorships and naming rights opportunities on-site throughout the facility to include the Themed Restaurant, Concert Lounges, Live Event Stages, Television Studios, Arcade, Community Rooms, Retail Gift Store, and Outdoor signage. Others envisioned will include the building Marquee, Full Floors, Exhibits, Displays, Commissioned works of Art, Live Events, Tours, Community & Educational Programs, Archive Preservation and Library.  The Hip Hop Hall of Fame will also utilize these in-kind partnership products, services, technology, appliances, and electronics in the daily operations of the facility, and incorporate them into the fabric of the museum & entertainment complex attractions and architecture reaching the most coveted advertiser demographics of hip hop, urban, and pop culture.
The Development Team
The development project managers Thompson International Professionals, JT Thompson, and Zubatkin & Associates Owner Representation's Andrew Bast, have begun discussions with major corporate partners including Live Event producers for HHHOF venue, and Hotel chains and Retail groups for potential management and operational partnerships, and with potential private investors and bankers.  Rounding out the development team includes Healy-Kohler Design the creative exhibit design and building consultant on the project led by Terrance Healy, Ms. Terrie Rouse of Rouse Consulting who has been serving as senior consultant advisor on the projects museum operations development, and Real Estate strategy and execution consultant on Harlem project is Ms. Shawna O. Menifee of Integrative Partners Inc., a M/WBE Certified of JLL.
The HHHOF is set to engage the The Switzer Group, Inc. interior architectural design firm, and Constructomics Construction firm for phase I of the Harlem site build-out project. The Switzer Group, Inc., is one of the nation's most progressive interior architectural design consulting firms since 1975. Today, The Switzer Group Inc. is the nation's largest black-owned interior architectural design firm and currently among the top 100 American design firms.  Constructomics is the largest MBE contractor in New York City. These HHHOF experienced and professional architectural, development, construction, and strategic investment partner(s) firms will work seamlessly with New York City and State Building & Development agencies, Hotel, Retail, and our Cultural Institutional partners on this historical development coming to the Manhattan skyline. We are seeking to ensure that local workers, vendors, suppliers, merchants, and MBE firms benefit from the building rehabilitation and future construction project in procurement and participation.
HHHOF Museum Exhibit Preservation Partners
The HHHOF Museum exhibits will offer important and unique documentation of hip-hop's development and its impact on social trends.  The Museum will enshrine hip-hop pioneers and legends in wax and through displays (memorabilia and collectibles are presently being gathered and catalogued). Exhibition objects will derive from the HHHOF archives and from other distinguished collections of our Hip Hop Archive & Preservation Alliance partner members, that include The Grammy Museum, The Cornell U's Hip Hop Collection, Harvard Hip Hop Archive, NYU Hip Hop Education Center, The Smithsonian Institute Museum, The NMAAH, LACMA, OMA, The 2Pac Center, The Michael Holman 'Graffiti Rock' Collection, University of Houston, NMAAM, The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, and many more private collections. The goal of the visitor center is to broaden exposure, access, and education to the arts by sharing the diversity of authentic Hip Hop Music, Arts and Culture with children, families, fans, and the general public whose limited access to Hip Hop culture is through viewing videos via social media and hearing music on the radio, not an accurate representation of the true elements of Hip Hop culture. These exhibits will also tour schools, both nationally and internationally, that have programs and curricula that demonstrate how Hip Hop culture has significant contributions and social, educational, and economic impacts on the global scene.  As "rock-n-roll" was for baby boomers, Hip Hop is today's dominant youth culture worldwide.  
About The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Founder JT Thompson

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame was Established in 1992 by Founder J.T. Thompson, who created and executive produced the first HHHOF Awards TV Show on the BET Cable Network in the 1990's, as the first annual fundraising catalyst for the establishment of a Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum in New York City; modeled after the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Museum which produced 20 years of awards shows before eventually opening their Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. The Entrepreneur, Producer, and Community Advocate is a Brooklyn Born, Queens, Harlem, and Los Angeles raised Hip Hop Connoisseur, whose grand-uncle played with Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Benny Goodman, when African-Americans could not stay in or eat at the places they played, nor own their own music and publishing.  He is an Honorably Discharged US Army Veteran (NY Post ), and former College Basketball Scholarship Student Athlete and Free Agent Professional. He entered the business as a concert promoter and television producer, as a guest of former MCA/Universal artists Pebbles, and the R&B Group the Deele, that featured multi-Grammy Award winning artists/producers/record executives L.A. Reid & BabyFace. He was founder partner of the LA Gang Truce Alliance in 1992 during the LA Riots and led the private and public development partnerships with RLA that later became empowerment zones. He has worked independently in every facet of an entertainment company including Music, Film, Television, and Sports by creating, and producing shows & concerts, talent casting, PR, marketing, advertising sales, distribution, retail management, and is the architect of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Entertainment Complex "Co-Branding" Business Strategy. His Development and Consulting Company Thompson International Professionals has different Real Estate projects in various stages of development. JT and the HHHOF has organized and participated in numerous events that included Jesse Jackson, NAACP, NCAA, HBCU's, Mayor Tom Bradley, President Bill Clinton, Rev DR. EV Hill, National Baptist Convention, Ecumenical Alliance, LA Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Ice Cube, Ice T, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc, Tyrese, Grandmaster Caz, Russell Simmons, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Master P, Sean Pdiddy Combs, Mark Pitts, Lil Kim, Baby Williams, Shaquille O'neal, Rakim, Biz Markie, SugarHill Gang, Roxanne Shante, Doug E Fresh, E-40, EPMD, YoYo, Eazy E, John Singleton, DJ Quik, Warren G, Kenny 'DJ Lord Yoda X' Syder, Rob Base, and many more. 
For more information and interested partnership firms, and sponsors can contact John Robinson or the HHHOF at All fans and potential interns & volunteers can follow us at Official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube

SOURCE Hip Hop Television Channel

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The "Green Book of South Carolina" Launches as First-Ever Mobile Travel Guide to S.C. African American Cultural Sites

Posted by TheBlackList-Publisher 

The first-ever mobile travel guide to S.C. African American cultural sites, the Green Book of South Carolina, has been launched by the South Carolina African American Heritage Commission, offering residents and visitors from around the world a user-friendly guide to discovering and celebrating enriching cultural experiences across the state at
Research indicates that a majority of African Americans in the United States have ancestral connections to South Carolina, and the Green Book of South Carolina provides an online travel tool with which diverse audiences from around the world can plan their ultimate, customized itineraries across South Carolina at
Designed with the mobile user in mind, this new international tourism tool has the fresh, easily accessible web interface of a travel app, featuring 300+ cultural attractions across all 46 counties in South Carolina.
"This is one of the first statewide mobile travel guides to African American cultural destinations to be produced by a state anywhere in the U.S.," says S.C. Senator Vincent Sheheen. "It is positioned to increase even further the $2.4 billion annual economic impact of African American tourism in our state."
The Green Book of S.C. is a contemporary travel-planning tool that pays homage to the original Green Book, first published in 1936 by New York City postman Victor Green as an African American travel guide to safe harbors and welcoming establishments across the United States. This contemporary homage features tourism destinations that impart a new Southern travel experience for all visitors via  
South Carolina is one of only two states in the nation with an African American Heritage Commission.
"The richness of South Carolina is related to the diversity of our citizenship, and it's incredibly important that we acknowledge the role that the African American community has played in the development of our state," says former S.C. Governor Jim Hodges.
"The Green Book of South Carolina helps expand the impact of our state's $20.2 billion tourism industry," notes Dawn Dawson-House, director of corporate communications at the S.C. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism and key adviser to the project. "The guide is essential to planning group events during family reunions, weddings and conventions in South Carolina."
Follow @GreenBookofSC, and #GreenBookofSC, and Discover the Green Book of South Carolina mobile travel guide at
COLUMBIA, S.C.May 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- 
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Learn To Swim: 64% of African American children have no or low swimming ability - and 5.5 times more likely to drown

64 percent African-American children, 45 percent of Hispanic/Latino children, 40 percent of Caucasian children have no or low swimming ability: USA Swimming Foundation

With Memorial Day Weekend and the traditional opening of summer swimming season approaching, the USA Swimming Foundation today announced a 5-10 percent improvement in overall swimming ability from its previous findings in 2010, according to a new study regarding swimming ability amongst America's youth conducted by the University of Memphis and University of Nevada-Las Vegas.
However, there is still much work to be done as nearly 64 percent of African-American children, 45 percent of Hispanic children and 40 percent of Caucasian children have no/low swimming ability, putting them at risk for drowning. A concerning finding was that 87 percent of swimmers with no or low ability plan to go to a swimming facility this summer at least once and 34 percent plan to swim 10 or more times this summer.
The study, aimed to establish children's swim ability levels and determine motivating factors that lead to a child learning how to swim and participate in the physical activity of swimming, reveals a number of factors that contribute to the overall lack of swimming ability.
  • Socio-Economic and Race/Ethnicity Differences
    • 79 percent of children in families with household income less than $50,000 have no/low swimming ability
    • Children who qualify for free or reduced school lunch programs are 63 percent less likely to have good swimming ability
    • 76 percent of parents reported that their children would be more likely to want to participate in swimming if they saw a talented swimmer that looked like them
    • 65 percent of African-American children would like to swim more than they do
  • Family is Significant
    • If parent specified good swimming ability, their children are 4.3 times more likely to have good swimming ability
    • If parents have no/low swimming ability, there's a high likelihood their children won't have good swimming skills (78 percent for African-American children, 62 percent among Hispanic/Latino children and 67 percent for Caucasian children)
    • Children who swim with their family are 2.7 times more likely to be good swimmers
  • Fear
    • Children who are afraid of drowning are 67 percent more likely to have low/no swimming ability
    • African-American children and their parents are three times more fearful of drowning than Caucasian children and parents
    • Children who know how to be safer around water are 3.7 times more likely to have good swimming ability
"We're thrilled that the study revealed improvements with more children getting into swim lessons and in the attitudes on how important learning to swim is for children. That indicates we've made progress by providing low- and no-cost swim lessons and water safety education to families across the country," said Debbie Hesse, Executive Director of the USA Swimming Foundation. "The data, especially with 79 percent of children in low income families having little or no swim ability, shows there is still room to grow. We need to keep a sustained effort to introduce children to swimming and drive the important message that learning to swim can save your life."
As part of its mission of Saving Lives through swim lessons, the USA Swimming Foundation annually activates the Make a Splash initiative which aims to provide every child in America the opportunity to learn to swim – regardless of race, gender or financial circumstances. With more than 850 'Make a Splash' local providers across the country, the USA Swimming Foundation has provided swim lessons for more than 4.9 million children nationwide since 2007 with free and reduced-cost swim lessons. The USA Swimming Foundation has set a goal to provide at least 1 million children with swim lessons in 2017 through its Make a Splash Local Partner network.
USA Swimming Foundation ambassadors and Olympic medalists Missy FranklinCullen JonesSimone ManuelNathan AdrianElizabeth Beisel, Rowdy Gaines, Jason Lezak and Mel Stewart help lead the effort by giving clinics and educating families on the importance of learning to swim.
The 2017 study is a follow up to two studies, Constraints Impacting Minority Swimming Participation, Phase I and II, conducted by the University of Memphis in 2008 and 2010, which served as a catalyst for widespread awareness on the issue of minority children's low swimming ability. The 2010 study results showed that 70 percent of African-American children, nearly 60 percent of Hispanic/Latino children and 42 percent of Caucasian children had little to no swimming ability.
"Using trends outlined by the results from all three studies will help communities initiate strategies and programs to protect their children from the horrific tragedy of drowning," said Dr. Carol Irwin, Ph.D. University of Memphis, the study's principal investigator. "The end goal is to create real solutions designed to ensure children are safer in the water, especially minority youth who are at a higher risk for drowning."
Survey Methodology
Data collection sites used in the 2017 study were identified in collaboration with representatives from USA Swimming Foundation and comprised five markets with significant minority populations (Houston,  Jacksonville, Las VegasLos Angeles and Memphis). Within each market, the research team worked with representatives from the YMCA to identify appropriate data collection venues. The YMCA was chosen as the primary data collection source due to the organization's access to diverse youth populations (swimmers and non-swimmers), keen interest in the topic and previous assistance with the 2008 and 2010 studies. Site visits were scheduled for data collection and staff training between March and May 2017. A mixed method approach involving quantitative (survey) and qualitative (focus group interviews) measures was used.  
A final report of all survey findings will be posted on the USA Swimming Foundation website in late summer 2017.
About the USA Swimming FoundationThe USA Swimming Foundation serves as the philanthropic arm of USA Swimming.  Established in 2004, the Foundation works to strengthen the sport by saving lives and building champions—in the pool and in life. Whether we're equipping our children with the life-saving skill of learn-to-swim through our Make a Splash initiative, or providing financial support to our heroes on the U.S. National Team, the USA Swimming Foundation aims to provide the wonderful experience of swimming to kids at all levels across the country. To learn more, visit
SOURCE USA Swimming Foundation
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Swimways, the USA Swimming Foundation & Olympic Medalist, Elizabeth Beisel, Are Making Waves to Raise Awareness About the Importance of Learning to Swim
Swimways, the USA Swimming Foundation & Olympic Medalist, Elizabeth Beisel, Are Making Waves to Raise Awareness About the Importance of Learning to Swim