Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pan Africans, enemy of the people

Pan Africans, enemy of the people.

By Kwasi Akyeampong

The first thing that is obvious about Pan African is Pan. Pan a Greek word whose cardinal meaning is all.

So then we Pan Africans could be called All Africanist - we espouse a philosophy that embraces all Africans – seek the union of all of Africa and all its people.

Now lets look at All. ALL - 1: the whole of 2: greatest possible 3: every one of
Does our All and Pan Africans embrace the whole of Africa, every one of Africa’s children or at least the greatest possible number of Africans?

Does this philosophy that warmly embrace Mugabe has a slight embrace for Morgan Tsvangiria? Just one example. The one I’ll use in this discourse.

But of course Pan Africans are Pan Africans.

What else do I know about Pan? Pan, "a broad shallow open vessel or container."
Of course I am for a philosophy that is broad in scope. But the shallowness of the practice and application does contradict its potential as a vessel open to input of creativity and inspiration. (A dogma. Not unlike a religion)

Being true to its application, we use this vessel to Pan - for “gold” - a Moses that will deliver us. We wash away tons of perceived irrelevance - dirt, ideas and potentials' - to find our bright and shining prince.

What will become of the dirt we discard?

When we turn our back on Morgan Tsvangiria; for example, who will he turn to for council, fellowship, and support when others elevate him to the Presidency of Zimbabwe; if not soon, but eventually? Who will hold him to account?

The king is dead. Long will he be dead. No hope for continuity here.

Again, using Zimbabwe as an example, we invest everything in Mugabe, and, when our 85 year old mentor reaches the end there is not room for us to make a difference with the likely successor who may obviously be garnered by the likely interests and thus fulfilling our narrow Pan African delusion.

I am of the opinion that we must reinvent and re-forge the Pan into a bucket; being inclusive of our brothers and sisters, celebrating and acknowledging, and seeking out the arrays that unites us rather than clink to and heighten perceived differences.

As that Pan African I am a conciliator and a reconciler for All Africans regardless of our temperate parochial opinions.

I could never have dreamt that in Jamaica there would be a JLP
Government that would be more socialist than the socialist PNP - a JLP whose platform party that is enacting the very programs (free education) the socialist PNP did not enact over all their years in office - even when they (PNP) had ultimate power. There are no saints nor demons out there. There is just us - each as himself. I am all that I perceive - you are your perceptions.
All the ideas and opinions among us is from us, and when we condemned any of us we condemn the all of us - all of who we are.

When I turn my back on any of us I turn my back on the very part of me I will not embrace. For me to love me I am required to love all of me. There is no conditionality to love. I must get to embrace me as I am and as I am not to truly embrace the vision of Africa that's is worthy of our father Marcus Garvey.

My mother is not less honored as my mother because I disagree with her on some essential points. When will we likewise honor Clarence Thomas and Morgan Tsvangiria for they and we share in common? Do we know what we share in common? Do we dare look?

To the extent I/you/we can look ourselves in the mirror and be in love with everything I/you/we see; to that extent I/you/we are able to be a peace and ease with I/you/we and anyone.

M.arcus Garvey's harsh criticism of His Imperial Majesty did not excommunicate either from the race. Being frank with our selves and our friends is a core value required for being a friend.

How will we ever speak with those with whom we disagree when we dare tell our beloved Emperor what we know too well? He is naked. Sir, you have no close on.
Who among us has the moral authority to speak with both, for example, Mr. Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangiria?

Until being a Pan African is reinvent as being an instrument for what's possible, Pan Africans are enemy of the people.

Time to end the dialect-ic civil war and take responsibility for the juggernauting genocide and once again stand in position at the fore of the dreams and aspirations or the people.

:KWASI Akyeampong

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Kwasi Akyeampong

We too, two we are.
One in all we are so different.
Different we are so alike.
Lo, I am bolstered each morning by the universal good intent of my equipment.
To hunt I go.
I go to hunt.


Ha, ha, ha, go feline, go!
…. Empty, emptiness in my heart….

Make them sharp, feline.
Carry them soft feline.
May your catch today be caught.
Caught…life is not to lose the life you fights to save.
Caught, the life you dare not lose
That life you fight to take
That life you fight to save;
The life it gives - caught.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The movement of things

It is a dead bull who comes to town.

Trees reach for heaven,
Love reach for wedding,
Hearts reach security,
Roots reach security.
Mean caught you;
Say love you.

Was reaching for this not you.