Friday, May 2, 2008

Sean Bell: Outrage of Outrageous Outrage

Sean Bell: Outrage of Outrageous Outrage

by Kwasi Akyeampong

I rarely comment on topical issues in this forum - TheBlackList Conversation eNewsletter, however, I can not resist commenting on Lisa’s comment on Christine Quinn’s statement.

Do not be outraged at Christine Quinn.

She is a constituent who services her constitutency well.

Applaud her and any LAWMAKER who fulfill the intention on their constitutency.

But, really, are her remarks more or less outrageous than any of the OUTRAGE expressed by Black Lawmakers?

Make room or one maybe bowled over by limp Black LAWMAKERS marching, protesting and stepping up for fame to register their outrage for the lever pulling hands of their constitutency.

I am outraged that any Black Lawmaker would express his outrage in the presence of outrage citizen and not be slapped senseless.

The place for Lawmakers to register and express their outrage is in Congress and the State Legislature and City Hall.

As an expression of their outrage, Black Outraged Lawmakers should be bunkered down with the intention of rewriting the law.

Outraged citizens should barricade their doors until this mission is accomplished.

There is nothing else to do.

Eric Adams, Retired Police Officer, Founder of One Hundred Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Cares, and State Assemblyman told the cameras that he is going to send a message to the Governor – the Black Governor on New York.

The Black Governor told the camera sometimes later that there was nothing on his desk.

The judge said that his ruling and his verdict is based on the law.

The law is outrageous.

Rewrite it.

There nothing else to outraged about – except at outrageously ineffective Black Lawmakers (Politicians) and the citizens who re-re-elect them.

Yes, yes, there ought to be a law!
Black Lawmakers, Lawmakers, make me a law.

Men made the law that is the core of this injustice.
"Whatsoever man has done, man can do," Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

There is nothing else to do.