Thursday, September 11, 2008

The folly of the "Color of Change" Campaign*

* About The "Color of Change" Campaign

Here goes another deflection people's energy, intention and attention.
What ever happened happend before. Fox News is a serial offender.
And, they will continue to be offensive to those who listen and watch because both Fox and the offended are is a cohabitating relatonship.
Junkies. That's who they are. It feel good when they are getting fixed. After the rubberband high the swear never again. But never agan never comes.
People you have a Jones for Fox News.
You who are offend have a JONES for punishment and for being insulted.

The freedom of the press is a right.
However, being Jonesed on what offends you is not a right.
You don't have to listen.
Turning on Fox News is not a right - you have no right to listen.

It is an addiction.

People wake up and break the addiction.
Let the question be asked, is it possible for Fox News to offend you when you are not watching or listening?

What you are listening and what you hear is the future you are living into - it is your world.
Time for a change.
Yes we can.
Yes we can turn the dial.

Have you not listened to Frederick Douglass: "Power concedes nothing with out a demand"
Take Fox News advertisers hands out your pockets and your eyes off their network and all will be well.

This is not different from the so-called Sean Bell protests.
Has anyone proposed a Bill to change the Law or create new Laws Sanctioning the Police.
People are addicted to abuse.
Got a Jones for punishments!

It is time we stand up and be responsible for who we are being and its impact.
Time to exercise real power - yes, we are addicted to the things we rail against.

KWASI Akyeampong