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Meles Zenawi: Is It Wise for African Presidents to Go Abroad to Die?

August 22, 2012 By conyeani Leave a Comment
News erupted this morning on the death of Ethiopian leader and Prime Minister, Mr. Meles Zenawi. Initially, there was no news about where he died or his illness, but later it was revealed that he died in an hospital in Brussels, Belgium. He was aged 57 years. According to the Information Minister of Ethiopia, ""The prime minister had been sick for quite a while. And he was attending medical support in, somewhere in, ah, abroad. And he had some chance in recuperating. But ultimately some infection happened to him and doctors couldn't control that infection."
This is not the first time that Africans have woken up to learn that their presidents have died in a foreign hospital. On January 9 this year, it was announced that President Malam had died in a hospital in Paris, France. He had been flown to France, after being taken ill in November of 2011. According to a statement from the presidential office, "with pain and sadness that he died at the Val-de-Grace military hospital in Paris where he had been receiving treatment." It was speculated that he died of diabetes.(READ MORE)

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