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Cynthia McKinney: My Thoughts on Libya and contents of the book, "Illegal War on Libya"

Hello, my friend.  For me this is a sad update.

During one of the many anti-war protests that I've participated in, Senator Mike Gravel adapted an anti-war chant from the Vietnam War days:  Hey, hey, Obama please say.  How many kids did you kill today?  It's more appropriate than ever because as I write this, U.S. bombs continue to fall in Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, and now it is reported that the US drones are flying all over Libya and are bombing from Benghazi to Tripoli.  Reports from Libya today are that foreign oil companies have evacuated their employees and stopped operations and that U.S. troops are in various parts of the country.  It is also only just now being reported that the first tiny victims--twins--of US/NATO use of depleted uranium in Libya were spontaneously aborted during the latter part of the DU bombings of that country.

Tragedy continues to unfold in Libya.  Here are some questions and points that I raised as the news unfolded on 9/11/12:

          Every loss of life is tragic and that is why I oppose the current US policy of killing.  The US is currently regularly killing people in Asia and in Africa.  Taken to its extreme, the Obama Administration even claims authority to kill US citizens on US soil!
         The unfolding situation in Libya is troubling, not only for the bloodletting and carnage that is taking place, but also because of the murkiness that surrounds the events themselves.  I have several observations and a few questions:

         1.  The scenario of an anti-Islamic hate film triggering a protest that leads to violence replicates the events that took place in the initial uprising in Benghazi in early 2011.  At that time, the annual protest in Benghazi against the anti-Islamic Danish cartoons was taking place.  The march was infiltrated by persons with an agenda, who used the event as an opportunity to seize military equipment from the Jamahiriya government and use it against the Libyan population.  If it is known that Muslim protest on the streets can be touched off by attacking the Qur'an, then once again parties with another agenda can spark then infiltrate that protest and use it as cover.  It worked before to launch an entire chain of events in Libya, why not again? The reports on who created and financed the film are very muddled.

       2.  Today, the Libyan/Al Qaeda/US/NATO/Israel government is bombing Sabha and the black Libyan Toubu people who constitute a stronghold of the vibrant Libyan resistance.  Interestingly, no R2P is being invoked to do so here, but could this be covertly directed against the Green Resistance (self-described as well financed and ready to fight to the last bullet, the last man, the last dollar)?

      3.  A video is available of the 12 September attack on the US convoy that killed 2 US citizens and injured 14, indicating Day Two of an uprising/action.

     4.  There are photos published today of US special ops forces landing in Libya.  If true, is this to counter the Green Resistance, or springboard into Egypt if need be, or worse? Foreign troops are in Libya already securing oil platforms.  What might this have to do with Iran?  Libyan oil was theorized to ensure oil to Europe in the case of a shutoff from Iran.  Does this have anything to do with the impending Netanyahu visit to the US?

edited by
Green Party Candidate for President 2008, and former Congresswoman
   ISBN: 978-0-9852710-6-0   $19.95 2012
E-book: 978-0-9853353-2-8
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  "Think of this book as your primer on war propaganda, deliberate media deception, hidden political and personal agendas, and finally, on what a set of politically powerful and well-connected people will do to a country when they have access to military power and the will to use it."
from the Editor's Note 

Editor's Note
Cynthia McKinney

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    Mike Raffauf

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Available from:

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       "'Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they must first make mad'—and that was how the western powers and corporate media portrayed Muammar Qaddafi for decades as he nationalized Libyan oil, raised the Libyan standard of living to one recognized by the UN as among the highest in Africa, and began promoting an African currency and development bank to free the continent from the IMF. When the ragtag group of "Islamist" fighters from Benghazi given diplomatic cover as the  National Transitional Council began their NATO-supported assault, one of the first things they did was to seize the Libyan central bank, until then one of the few still controlled by government in the world. If this makes you wonder—and it should—then this is the book for you. Kudos to former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney and her truth-telling DIGNITY journalists who put the complicit Western-backed human rights NGOs to shame."
—GLEN FORD, Black Agenda Report
"Cynthia put together a team of people to tell the world the truth about Libya. NATO started the war against Libya with lies and the lies continue to this day with NATO's denials of having committed war crimes against Libya's people. Libya today is the creation of the US, NATO, and Al-Qaeda acting in a criminal partnership."
"Those who still believe in NATO's 'responsibility to protect' after its illegal assault on Libya should read Congresswoman McKinney's The Illegal War on Libya. A nation now left in chaos saw NATO target its people and its infrastructure, as well as its ruler. The model for western-backed regime change was perfected in Libya as it related to the diplomatic organization of soft power, complicit nations, human rights NGOs and intergovernmental organizations. Before accepting the attack on Libya as a model for future action, read this investigation into the actual motivations and the manufacturing of a false case for war.

"A penetrating expose detailing why Libya was the only country where regime change was brought about by a US-led NATO force in complicity with Western-backed so-called "al-Qaeda" insurgents. This truth-telling opus by former Congresswoman McKinney and her DIGNITY journalists reveals an almost unparalleled media and diplomatic onslaught that not only disguised the truth of what was happening, but manipulated that illusion to make real events happen. The ramifications of the illegal war on Libya as a model for NATO-backed so-called humanitarian intervention and regime change are huge. This book is a must-read for understanding what is yet to come."
In 2011, former Congresswoman and 2008 Green Party candidate for President, Cynthia McKinney, took a delegation of observers to Libya to monitor NATO's purported humanitarian intervention. They were in Libya during the 2011 NATO bombardment of Libyan cities, and were among the few independent voices to report on the tragedy.   
This collection of essays includes personal accounts by witnesses to the NATO assault on a helpless civilian population it had a UN mandate to protect, as well as analysis of the massive media propaganda campaign and manipulation of international institutions and human rights NGOs that made it possible.
It responds to the many questions left unanswered by a complicit mainstream media, such as:
• Why Libya, not Bahrain, Yemen or Egypt?
• What was life in Libya like under Qaddafi?
• What is the truth about the so-called "Black Mercenaries"?
• What was the role of Western NGOs and the International Criminal Court?
• What about Africom's Plans for Africa?
• What did it have to do with Libya's independent central bank, its oil, its plans for an African currency, its efforts to free African states from the coils of the Bretton Woods Institutions?

 Cynthia McKinney is an internationally renowned peace advocate and human rights activist. She began this important work on Day One of her political life and hasn't looked back. With her opinions, actions, and even her sense of style, McKinney has inspired both admiration and controversy. In 1988, McKinney won a House seat in the Georgia Legislature against all odds. She was the first African-American woman to represent Atlanta and Fulton County in an at-large district in Georgia's history. She became a household name when she challenged the state's leadership to abide by the Voting Rights Act and grant fair representation to all of Georgia's residents, including the more than 30% who are of African descent. She appealed directly to the United States Justice Department and won. In 1991, speaking from the "well" of the Georgia House of Representatives, she made national headlines when she challenged President George Herbert Walker Bush's decision to make war against Iraq. Despite the vilification by the state's pro-war establishment, her voice for justice and peace was heard by the people.

In 1992, McKinney won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in a newly created district, drawn from Atlanta to Savannah. Again, Cynthia made history by becoming the first African-American woman to represent Georgia in the U.S. Congress. Cynthia voted against every war-funding bill put before her. During her tenure, her district was re-drawn several times and re-numbered. McKinney protested the new boundaries, but was still reelected to the seat until the pro-Israel Lobby targeted her because of her support for peace in Palestine. After 11 September 2001, McKinney stated that based on her readings, the President had received warnings and that the matter deserved independent investigation. The criticism she received as a result, combined with being targeted by the pro-Israel lobby, contributed to her defeat in the 2002 election; however, she ran for the seat again and was re-elected in 2004. Once again in Congress, McKinney was a vocal critic of the government's response to Hurricane Katrina. Cynthia introduced legislation to release the documents related to the murders of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Tupac Shakur. She was the first Member of Congress to file Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush and Cynthia was forced out of Congress once more in 2007 when she was targeted for defeat, again, by donations from pro-Israel contributors that flooded into her opponent's campaign coffers. Late in 2007, Cynthia became a Green Party Presidential Candidate. Cynthia won the Green Party nomination for U.S. President and in 2008 ran for President.

In December 2008, Cynthia made international headlines when the Free Gaza boat she was aboard was rammed by the Israeli military as she was attempting to deliver medical supplies to the people of Gaza during Israel's Operation Cast Lead. Cynthia and her fellow humanitarian activists, rescued by Lebanon, never made it to Gaza. In 2009, Cynthia attempted to reach Gaza again, this time armed with crayons, coloring books, and school supplies for the children. She and her fellow human rights workers became the Free Gaza 21 after their boat was overtaken in international waters by the Israeli military and they were kidnapped to Israel. Cynthia spent 7 days in an Israeli prison. Finally, Cynthia entered Gaza by land in July 2009 with George Galloway's 250-volunteer-strong Viva Palestina, USA.

In 2011, Cynthia led a DIGNITY Delegation of alternative and independent journalists to Libya while US and NATO bombs, laced with poisons including depleted uranium, targeted civilian populations. Afterward, she completed a successful 29-city peace tour in the United States and Canada to promote a more peaceful U.S. foreign policy. Cynthia now travels the world speaking out on human rights, nature's rights, and peace while she completes her studies toward obtaining a Ph.D.

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Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.

"The biggest weapon in the hands of the oppressors is the minds of the oppressed." Steve Biko

"Make your spirit flexible, and nothing will ever bend you out of shape."  Wisdom by Taro Gold

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Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.

"The biggest weapon in the hands of the oppressors is the minds of the oppressed." Steve Biko

"Make your spirit flexible, and nothing will ever bend you out of shape."  Wisdom by Taro Gold

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