Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Time for an Exorcism

                                                                          From The Ramparts
                                                                        Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                                                       It's Time for an Exorcism

"We have let another people's spirit take possession of our bodies and take possession of our minds. When we speak it is not with our Afrikan voice it is with the voice of that demonic presence that uses our lips to speak its own language. Yes we have to recognize this. We are possessed. If we are to transform ourselves and to transform the nature of our relationship with those who are our masters, we must engage in an exorcism and thus clear the devils out of our minds." Amos Wilson from AfriKan Centered Consciousness Versus The New World Order page 97

In indigenous African societies health and healing was a holistic process. For indigenous Africans, health and healing were social, personal and spiritual responsibilities. Africans realized that life is energy and ancient Africans postulated all energy is fundamentally spiritual in nature. So from their perspective any diminution of the life force to the point it impacted the functioning of the mind, body and the social order had to have spiritual causes and ramifications. From an African perspective spirits that made members of the community physically ill or behave in inappropriate ways had to be evil. As such they reasoned/realized sickness could easily affect the whole community given it was spiritual in nature! From and African perspective, healing had to encompass spiritual and social as well as physical remedies. "As spirits are invisible, ubiquitous and unpredictable, the safest thing is to keep away from them. If they or the living dead, appear too frequently to human beings, people feel disturbed. Then the spirits posses men and are blamed for forms of illness like madness and epilepsy. Spirit possession occurs in one or another in practically every African society. Yet spirit possess in not always to be feared, and there are times when it is  not only desirable  but people induce it through special dancing and drumming until the person concerned experiences spirit possession during which they may even collapse. When the person is thus possessed the spirit may speak through him so that now he plays the role of a medium and the messages he relays are received with expectation by those to whom they are addressed. But on the whole spirit possessions, especially unsolicited ones, result in bad effects." John S. Mbiti African Religions and Philosophy page 80
Europeans are not spiritually conscious by culture. They are thoroughly materialistic in their orientation to the point they pooh pooh notions of demons and spirits as causes of illness. Europeans always seek material causes and sources such as germs or bugs for illness. Unlike Africans, Asians and other First World people whites rarely consider spiritual, social or psychological paths for either illness or healing modalities. As such they ignore a powerful force for healing and restoration. While their technology can isolate and treat specific regions of the body quite effectively, they are addressing effects rather than causes. Never do they seek to find the causes which often are environmental, emotional, psychological and behavioral born out of mental, social and physical habits repeated unconsciously by both the sick person, their families and immediate social environment.
It should be clear to any but the hopelessly brain dead, duped and discombobulated that the US is a sick nation. By all measures, counts and reckonings this country is about to fall off a moral precipice of Biblical proportions. Look at the values espoused in the media, look at how this country treats its young, the old and the non-rich. Look into the faces of the people you pass daily many are dull eyed, depressed or drugged out.
 Listen to the campaign rhetoric of both parties, it's insane.  Both candidates gloss over the hubris, corruption and waste or the lies that led to wars and resultant crimes against humanity. The major candidates and their surrogates focus on furthering the corporate criminality, fraud, malfeasance and mismanagement of the status quo. Neither candidate wants to stop and take an honest assessment of the issues and what it will take to resolve them for the benefit of the ninety-nine per cent of us. They are clearly possessed by a spirit of callous selfishness.
From an African perspective, its time for an exorcism, we need a personal and collective expulsion of the alien and demonic spirits that possess us. We need to recognize the values and altered personality models that are driving us insane and move to replace them with life affirming values and behaviors. This current pace and process we are on is unsustainable, something has got to give and break, and unfortunately it may be our collective psyches!
The late Afrocentric psychologist Dr Amos Wilson described what we have to do to regain our sanity health and power thusly "Consequently, if we are to be empowered and our power is to work in our interests, then our consciousness must be an Afrikan consciousness, our values must be Afrikan values our personality must be an AfriKan based personality. If not we may suffer first ethnocide and then genocide. What we are saying here is that our culture will not be functional in a way that protects our interests. We must then, as a people, develop a new Afrikan consciousness-an Afrikan centered consciousness- and that means we develop it based on an Afrikan history, Afrikan culture and Afrikan values. Most of all we must develop an Afrikan sense of nationhood."  Afrikan-Centered Consciousness Versus The New World Order page 120.
Exorcism is the process of driving out demons, evil spirits and values that possess a person to the point they negatively alter their personality. Exorcism substitutes demons of insanity with righteousness (right thought, right values, right actions and right relationships). Africans did this thousand of years before there ever was a Catholic Church because our ancestors understood how demons could destroy a person, family and community and negatively impact the culture.
We need a serious exorcism as a people. We cannot turn to Western modalities for healing and help in this regard and process. It is up to us. It is our personal and collective responsibility to save ourselves and the world. We can do so by meditation, prayer, introspection and most importantly by rejecting the Eurocentric values of crass materialism, greed, blood lust and exploitation, by expelling envy, covetousness and animus and replacing them with self-acceptance, compassion and love. We can exorcise our demons by tapping into the resident animating life force/divine intelligence within ourselves and allowing it to direct our life's path/destiny. The only way to avert personal disaster, catastrophic environmental and global destruction is to exorcise the demons in us and work to restore sanity in our families, communities and world.


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