Sunday, September 30, 2012



 The Hypocrisy of American Democracy


Practicing Dictatorship at Home Through Voter Suppression and Preaching Democracy Abroad
America is fond of lecturing other countries and continents, such as China, Russia, and especially Africa, about the practice of democracy in these countries and continent.  People are increasingly asking how could America be lecturing others about democracy when one of the two major parties in the country are embarked on suppressing the practice of democracy and see nothing hypocritical on the issue of democracy in other parts of the world.  Yet, since the Republican Party seized more governorships and state houses of assembly in the 2010 elections, they have enacted laws designed to suppress the votes of Blacks, Latinos and college students.  These are the groups that normally vote for the Democratic Party, and in essence, in this presidential election year, for President Barack Obama.  One Republican official in the state of Pennsylvania, a state that is leaning towards President Obama, publicly stated that the Republican Party in that state decided to enact voter suppression laws because it would help its presidential candidate, former Governor Mitt Romney to win the state. (Read More)

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