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September 29rd, 2012
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From making galimoto toys to making galimoto'kali - the first locally made car in Tanzania
Sometimes in life fiction story do come true..!
Have you heard the popular story of kondi, the young boy who was eager, determined and persistent to make his own toy car-the galimoto?
It is in the book titled "Galimoto" (1990) by Karen Lynn Williams about which a child main character- a seven years old boy named kondi had dreamed of making a toy car. This was seen as impossible for a little boy of his age. Nevertheless he did all he could, going places to places, taking risks to collects materials things for same and then actually built one to the admiration of everyone..!
The story is based on the experience of the writer while living in neighbouring country - Malawi in 1980s. She saw and was fascinated by the creativity of Afrikan children there, in making their own play toys – called "galimoto" out of necessity of lacking the ready-made ones. Thus a book, "galimoto", ever popular since its first publication in 1990.
Now in real life in Tanzania, a young man named Ntubanga has just done that. He kept his childhood "kondi dream wish" and has ended up building the first ever locally made car in Tanzania.
Surprisingly like kondi, he is a grassroots person with only limited education, thus one seemingly impossible of making a car..!
He becomes Tanzanian "Henry ford" Car maker, the first one in 50 years post uhuru..!
It is to be named"Galimoto'kaliNtubangaBariadiTz1"-after the inventor (Ntubanga), his childhood dream of making same (galimoto-kali) and place where he comes from (Bariadi Tanzania), 1 being the first one of its (this) kind..! [CONTINUE FOR MORE]
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Remembering Walter Rodney 40 Years After How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
Guyanese activist and academic Walter Rodney, the author of 'How Europe Underdeveloped Africa' was not just a Guyanese figure. He was known worldwide, especially in Africa, where he enjoyed great popularity for his solidarity with the struggles of the working people. This year marks 25 years since his assassination and efforts are underway to commemorate the life of a man who became known as the 'prophet of self emancipation'.
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Dr. M's Revolution on the Rocks East Coast Book Tour
At the suggestion of international event planner, Muhammida El Muhajir, coordinator of the east coast leg of Marvin X's national book tour, this phase is entitled Revolution on the Rocks, with the focus on night clubs as well as colleges and universities. He is not excluding addressing youth in academia as he was at University of Houston and Texas Southern, and will participate at Howard University's Black Power to Hip Hop Conference, November 2-4, and may speak at Morgan State University, Baltimore, late October.
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Open Letter to the North American Africans in Houston's Third Ward
Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is with great joy, deep affection yet a heavy heart that I depart from you this morning. The last two weeks that I have shared with you has been most enlightening and enjoyable.
It has renewed my faith in the notion of a Black Nation, or what we used to call Nation Time! Swimming in your sea of Blackness has been an awesome experience, especially not having to apologize for or even afraid to say the word Black, an almost punishable offense where I come from, the so-called multi-cultural land of the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area, where, as Paradise says in his classic poem, they like everything about us but us, and where we were once in great numbers but our population has been in decline the last few decades, especially do to gentrification.
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weekending 9/29

Malcolm X Grassroots Movement releases "Every 36 Hours" CD Project: In 2012 the police kill a Black man, woman, or child every 36 hours!
In July, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) and the Malcolm X Solidarity Committee (MXSC), issued "Every 36 Hours: Report on the Extrajudicial Killing of 120 Black people", that documented this tragic and disturbing fact.
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