Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Invitation to Support the Continental Delegation to the UN for the Non-Renewal of UN-MINUSTAH Troops in Haiti

Guadeloupe-Haiti Campaign USA
52 St. Nicholas Place #23
New York, N.Y. 10031
Tel. 646-657-7207

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We are writing to everyone who has backed our various efforts in solidarity with the struggling people of Haiti to invite you to join us in supporting an important continent-wide delegation that will be traveling to New York City on October 10-13 to demand that the United Nations refuse to renew the mandate of the UN-MINUSTAH occupation troops in Haiti.

We have called on the UN to receive this delegation on Thursday, October 11 -- one day before the scheduled vote on this question by the UN. At this writing, the delegation organizers have not received confirmation that the delegation will be received. A major campaign has been launched across the Americas at the initiative of the "Committee To Defend Haiti Is to Defend Ourselves" in Brazil to demand that the delegation be received at the UN and that their uncompromising message be heard.

As of this writing, the following people will be part of this Continental Delegation to the UN:

* Mr. Pablo Micheli, General Secretary, Argentine Trade Union Confederation / Confederación de los Trabajadores de la Argentina (CTA)

* Mr. Julio Turra, National Executive Committee representative, United Trade Union Central of Brazil / Central Unica dos Trabalhadores do Brasil (CUT)

* Mr. Adriano Diogo, (PT/SP), Deputy of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

* Mr. Fignolé St Cyr, General Secretary, Autonomous Workers Federation  of Haiti / Confederation Autonome des Travailleurs Haitiens (CATH)

* Mr. Yves Pierre Louis, Haiti-Liberté, Haiti (actually Brother Pierre Louis is still struggling to get his visa so that he can be on the delegation; a campaign on his behalf is under way)

* Mr. Jocelyn Lapitre, Representative, LKP and ATPC, Guadeloupe

* Ms. Colia Clark, Guadeloupe-Haiti Campaign Committee USA

* Mr. Alan Benjamin, US Committee, International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples (ILC)

Other activities are being planned jointly with Haiti-Liberté newspaper and a broad coalition of Haitian organizations for the delegation during their stay in New York.

There will be a Public Forum with Haitian activists and members of the Continental Delegation in Brooklyn, hosted by Haiti-Liberté , at 7 p.m., Thursday, October 11. The event will be held at the hall of Haiti Liberté, 1584 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, Tel. 718-421-0162.

Plans are under way to organize a Labor Breakfast, hosted by the US Support Committee of the International Liaison Committee of Workers and People (ILC) the morning of Friday, October 12. [Program, time and place to be announced.]

There will be a Picketline / Rally at the UN organized by Haiti-Liberté, other Haitian organizations, and a broad coalition of union and political organizations to protest the UN decision to renew its occupation mandate in Haiti. The protest action will take place at Ralph Bunch Park across from the UN from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, October 12.

We need everyone's active support to ensure the success of the delegation, beginning with help in raising funds for housing, food and transportation for the delegation during their stay in New York.

We are including below a Pledge Coupon, which we ask you to fill out and return to us as soon as possible so that we know that your check is in the mail.

Also below is the Initial Appeal issued by organizations in Haiti for this Continental Delegation to the UN.

Thanks in advance for your urgently needed support,

In unity and struggle,

Colia L. Clark and Alan Benjamin
Haiti-Guadeloupe Campaign Committee

* * * * * * * * * *



[   ]  I pledge $ _____ (list amount) to help defray the costs of the Continental Delegation to the UN for the Non-Renewal of the UN-MINUSTAH mandate. I will make my check payable to "OWC" and mail it to Open World Conference, c/o San Francisco Labor Council, 1188 Franklin St. #203, San Francisco, CA 94109.





(please fill out coupon and return asap to

* * * * * * * * * *

Continental Delegation to the United Nations in NYC on Oct. 11, 2012 for the Non-Renewal of UN-MINUSTAH Troops in Haiti

To the organizations across the Americas
To the democratic and labor movements
Call for a Continental Delegation to the United Nations Headquarters on October 11, 2012
For the Non-Renewal of UN-MINUSTAH Troops in Haiti

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

As you know, this past June 1st, date of the 8th anniversary of the occupation of our country by the UN-MINUSTAH troops, scores of trade unions and political, popular, peasant and women's organizations in about 15 countries across the Caribbean and Western Hemisphere participated in a Continental Day of Action to demand:

- The immediate departure of the occupation forces;
- Reparations by the United Nations for all victims of MINUSTAH.

This mobilization and the issues/proposals that were raised during the Day of Action show that more and more voices are being raised against the occupation and its wide range of abuses (cholera, rape, repression, hangings, etc.).

They beckon us to continue to fight tirelessly to secure the immediate withdrawal of the occupation forces and reparations for all the victims.

That is why we appeal to you so that together we can organize in unity a delegation to the UN headquarters in New York on October 11, 2012 -- the day before the renewal of troops will be put to a vote of the United Nations.

Initial Signatories in Haiti:

* Raymon Dalvius, President of GLOBS: Gouvernail de liaison des organisations de base et des syndicats;
* Delva, Coordinator of OPLB: Organisation pour la libération des paysans de Bas Gros-Morne;
* Fignolé St-CYR, General Secretary, CATH: Centrale autonome des travailleurs haîtiens;
* Archelus Charles Auguste, President of CFOH: Confédération des forces ouvrières haîtiennes;
* KOCIJID: Kollectif des citoyens pour juger Duvalier;
* Pierre Léonel, Coordinator of GIEL: Groupe d'initiative des enseignants des Lycées;
* Numa, Guy, On behalf of the Kolektif  Mobilizasyon Pou Dedomaje Viktim Kolera yo, a coalition that includes the following organizations: Batay Ouvriyé, UNNOH, MODEP, TËt Kole Oganizasyon Popilé yo, MOLEGHAF, Bri Kouri, SËk Gramsci, ACREFH, GREPS, KRD, AVS, DOP


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