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Letter to Community Re: General Assembly - Sat. 13th Oct, 2012

Towards a:
National Afrikan People's Parliament
'People Empowered for Self-Determination!'
'Taking Responsibility, Effecting Solutions!'
  c/o 282 High Rd Leyton, E10 5PW
020 8539 2154 or 07908 814 152
TENDAI MWARI                                                                                        27/09/2012
Greetings Brothers and Sister,
Re: iNAPP General People's Assembly – Saturday, 13th October – 2012; 4: 30pm-9:00pm - Queen Mother Moore School; Clapham Methodist Church Hall, Nelson's Row, London, SW4 7JR.
We hope that all is well with you and your family.
You might be one of many who has been wondering what has been happening to the National Afrikan People's Parliament (NAPP) since the last National Black People's Day of Action (NBPDA), March 2, 2012. We sincerely apologise for the time lapse, which is due to a number of reasons and setbacks. However, we assure you that the Interim National Organising Committee (INOC) and its sub-committees have been working diligently, on your behalf, in the building of the NAPP (please see attached document: 'Concept and Aims'). You will also be pleased to know that a Youth Leadership Core has been established, as the precursor to building a shadow youth parliament.
By now you should have received information about the next NAPP General Assembly, the details of which are captioned above. The General Assembly is a consultation process that will give us the opportunity to report back and update you on the work we have been doing and our plans for the foreseeable future. This will include the You Leadership Core.  It will also give you the opportunity to ask questions as well as contribute your ideas and suggestions to the building process.
In the process of building the NAPP, we consider it essential that we consult with you - the people/community - thus allowing you to play your part in fulfilling the vision of a nationwide, independent, representative body design to promote, preserve and protect the best interest of Afrikan people here in the UK.
You may have seen the recent circular from one Sis Chinyere, whose home-schooled son was taken away from her by the courts, to be placed with his father so he can attend a state school; despite being assessed as being above the national average. This is one of a number of families whose children have been seized by the state in highly questionable circumstances.  In addition, an increasing number of our children are being placed in 'trans-racial' foster care and adoption, which have been tested and proven to be psychologically and emotionally damaging.
The rather damning verdict of the recent inquest into the death of Sean Rig, in police custody, that a use of excessive force and failure in its duty of care were causal factors, exposes (yet again) the ludicrous finding of the IPCC, which had completely exonerated the police in February 2010. Equally preposterous were: its findings in the case of David Emmanuel, aka 'Smiley Culture', its inordinate delay in completing the investigation into the killing of Mark Duggan and its refusal to publicly report on it investigation into the fatal shooting of Azelle Rodney, seven years ago (now the subject of a public inquiry).
These gross violations of our human and people's rights only occur because we are perceived as a weak and vulnerable community; a perception which is compounded by the absence of a national, independent body to represent our best interests. All other communities have such a body. When we have established ours, then we will be able to build well resourced institutions for our own protection (especially our children and families), to solve our own problems and to command the respect due to us.
We are pleased to be able to say that all our previous assemblies have been very successful. You can help to ensure that this coming assembly is a further success by making sure that you attend and by encouraging others (especially relatives and friends) to also come. We also ask that you circulate the attached document ('Concept and Aims') as widely as possible.
In these most challenging times, let us pull together as one people, to make the vision of the NAPP a living reality: one which will empower us to take total control of our lives as the masters of our own destiny.
We look forward to seeing you at this vitally important gathering.
Unite, Organise Now or Perish!
Rise, You Mighty People!
Yours in Divine service,
Bro Ldr Mbandaka and Sis Ekua 'Esther' Stanford-Xosei
(Vice Chairs: Sis Jendai Serwah – Bristol; Bro Cecil Gutzmore – London; Sis Asher John-Baptiste – Yorkshire; Bro Kojo Bonsu – Buckinghamshire.)
P.S. This Letter is also attached.

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