Sunday, March 25, 2018

Conversations for the definitive African mind

Below are some of the conversation you missed on TheBlackList Pub:

Cuban made medication to prevent diabetic foot amputation, heading for the USA

HAVANA TIMES – Cuban and US companies have signed an agreement to apply the Cuban product Heberprot-P in the United States, which reduces the risk of amputation due to diabetic foot ulcers, local media reported on Thursday.The agreement was signed by Heber Biotec (Cuba), of the…See More

Black Panther Movie: Innocent Film or Trojan Horse?

Posted by TheBlackList-Publisher on March 19, 2018 at 10:00amComments 
( The Black Panther was a visually stunning film that paid homage to the shared values, traditions and customs of African people. This powerful screenplay was set in the fictitious Kingdom of Wakanda, a completely self-sufficient, politically independent, highly-technological, and scientifically-advanced African nation. This is a concept never before seen in cinema or other Western art forms. Most, if not all other Hollywood movies about the continent…

An overview of Africa’s free trade area dream

Started by TheBlackList-Publisher yesterday.Replies 
African leaders, except for Nigeria and few other countries, have signed an agreement to set up a massive free trade area to improve regional integration and boost economic growth across the…Continue

St Kitts and Nevis Launch New Fund for Citizenship by Investment Programme

The world's first citizenship by investment programme in St Kitts and Nevis has launched a new fund - the Sustainable Growth Fund - to boost investment in the prospering Caribbean nation.

Freedom Rider: Black Panther Movie: A Black Face in a High Place

“Questioners are ‘hoteps’ who are too woke to have fun.”
The desire to see a black face in a high place is a legacy of slavery and the century of Jim Crow segregation that followed. The psychological impact of America’s apartheid is enduring, and…

Lexus' Genius Product Placement in Marvel's Black Panther Movie Highlights Growing Influence of African Americans' Buying Power

African Americans continue to have a supersized influence on the U.S. economy. By 2020 African Americans are projected to have a buying power of$1.5 trillion with a cumulative growth of 16% and a compound annual growth rate of 3% from 2015-2020, according to market research firm Packaged Facts in the report …

Black Business Success Model: Countering the Myths of Weaknesses in the Black Business Community

Black business owners are creating businesses at a higher rate than any other demographic, according to The numbers also showed that those businesses had less long-term potential and were less likely to continue…

Kwasi Akyeampong

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