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Council superior de l' Audiovisuel (CSA) a front for cultural genocide of the Black populations in France

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by Mbegane NDOUR

We speak definitely about cultural genocide of the black populations in France. How not to speak about genocide when the only forms of cultural expression broadcast are skinned of cultural values and identity? How steps to speak strong genocide facing a sous separated, to think that we do not know that to run quickly, to type one in balls, to dance and to move with the frenetic rhythms of drums or hip-hop beat? how marginalized and stigmatized populations can aspire to a cultural and intellectual émancipation when the society returns them permanently to plates and censure any form de born aware?

It is years since a battle is led in France for a real representativeness of the said populations but unfortunately over the years our frustrations are only exaggerating. Let us put on one instant instead of our bright talents: researchers, lawyers, doctors, engineers and distinguished men of culture facing... the very mediocre representativeness which mass media serves us. Often sports or rappeurs here are plates in which mass media locks up our imagination and the imagination of million black young persons in search of examples and in models. It makes generations which the French society soaks, the youth of the black populations, of plates by imprisoning their dreams and their perspectives and of this fact it make citizen of second zone irremediably of.

Council superior de l' Audiovisuel (CSA) is an organism which is aimed at looking after the maintenance of fundamental principles, that is after the respect for the respectabilityof the human person.

Then faced with these official reports we wonder that the CSA makes.

Certain in the French broadcasting space made the choice in all conscience to participate actively in this cultural genocide by mattering under American culture and of course in a anarchic way. One under culture which praises of violence, murder, narcotic, of the deterioration of the image of the woman. Where is the respect for the respectability of the human person when the picture of the black woman is degraded in length of song and pop video? Where is the respect for the respectability of the human person when the only examples served in all a youth becomes the sportsman or the rappeur established excessively as leader? Where is the respect for the respectability of the human person when the only images that this mass media returns these populations it promote in no way « their values » but on the contrary despise them and humiliate them?

The culture which must allow an elevation of conscience, in an emancipation and in a promotion of human respectability becomes in the broadcasting space a degrading and humbling instrument for the black populations.

How populations which they lock up in a deafening culture of fatuous entertainment can aspire to a cultural and intellectual elevation?

It is what comforts our purposes and let us urge the CSA to act quickly facing this cultural genocide which procreates only dramas and social cleavings. It is clear that more cultural diversity can contribute to it but it is necessary to make the choice of: « what culture? ». Make the choice of one under culture just like what the black populations have known for decades or the choice of a liberating and prestige culture which will procreate doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers… And not young persons excluded from the society who wait only for a thing opportunities to do shit and all "Burn".

This action of the CSA would not know how to be efficient without a big firmness opposite of certain mass media which they make the choice to contribute in a active way to this genocide. It must be taken by temporary suspension of approval of broadcasting for some of this mass media to see in pure and simple collections of the approvals of broadcasting if this mass media does not reform. Our frustrations are only growing facing this under representativeness and especially faced with the perspectives which gives this mass media to our populations.

What are the means which the black populations in France have to make face?

It is years since the battle of representativeness is led in France without bringing concrete results in by some timid signs and of "wills". We cannot remain for eternity passive to be subjected to this injustice in dramatic consequences to our populations. We pay a broadcasting tax to many broadcasting service. This tax of this series black families in France pay it to be more excluded still, be more humiliated and less and less represented. As you I was enraptured and delighted of the election of the president Obama at the head of United States. As you I accepted symbol readily to see a black man with a black woman in these sides achieving at the head of the first worldwide potency. But know that this election is the fruit of centuries of battles led by the black populations in the United States. One of the blackwomen culminating of these battles been president boycotts it of buses by the blacks after Rosa Parks is said "NO, NO MORE". We all dreamed to transport this bright win in the hexagon but the French-speaking black populations want wins without ever fighting. Boycott it been often used by the blacks in the United States for move forward thiers cause, theirs right battles... Then why not to think and organize boycotts of the payment of the broadcasting tax by the millions of blacks in France to acquire a better representativeness within the French broadcasting space and the broadcasting of a liberating culture instead of this under culture that they serve us in length of time from which our youth is the first victim. It will drive very quickly to a representativeness of the blacks and it up to the members of the Council of the advisers of the CSA, as you can suspect it, it not there no black. We hope that CSA will grab this file burning arm with a lot of courage and firmness to stop this cultural genocide intentionally imposed by certain mass media in France and do not hesitate to take exemplary sanctions against this mass media before is obvious of radical resolutions to this blight which corrupts the French society.

For our part we are going to be very vigilant and we shall inform international networks notably certain political and intellectual spheres Joined which accorde organize between individual grant fate reserved for the black populations in France.

Liberating culture remains the only clever answer to the lack of anything to do of youth because it grants him perspectives and healthy imagination and reinforces him inevitably in its choices. Then I cannot help today checking off an accusatory finger on certain mass media and handing in them to notices. I hope that competent authorities shall take their responsibilities and will also make it.

Mbegane NDOUR

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