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Free ourself from the smell of the Master - Tribute to the revolution movement in Guadeloupe

(in English & en Francais)

How can the slave frees himself from the smell of the Master and from the visceral fear which eats his intestines knowing that this fear is passed to the future generations by the education of the subjection and the submission? This terror is maintained by the Master and bequeathed to a colonial ideology which rages even today.

It's important to know how the cult of the terror was thought and maintained since the slavery in our days. During the slavery the runaway slaves were tortured, mutilated or simply murdered then the organized executioners of carnivals or parades to excite their power and of plantation in plantation showing their inhumanity they inculcated the cult of the terror to all the enslaved populations furthermore soft child, tightened very hardly by his mother who can be will not see him growing if the Master decides to sell him, to the bravest and most strong man. These collective punishments maintained the cult of the terror and dissuaded the most fly-away slaves. These same methods were maintained during the colonization with ill treatment physical, the torture the hard labours, the deportations. Nowadays these same methods are maintained with the prison universe, the media lynching and the isolation of every rebels in search of dignity, emancipation and freedom. Every time black populations got up to fight, their fights were repressed in a big brutality even in a big inhumanity. We all saw the landing of excessively armed squadrons in Guadeloupe to break the movement and to break Negros. We can see examples of this repression everywhere worldwide.

They give us the example of United States as the example of racial integration but just know when I write this message there are persons like Soundjata Acoli, Mumia Abu Jamal, Jalil Muntaqim, Mutulu Shakur and so many others whom is in prison for more than 30 years their only purpose was to aspire to freedom in front of racial segregation. Imagine countries which say themselves civilized or in democracies to lock people who fought for more justice and freedom more than 30 years. We have all shocked by Nelson Mandela's story but the story of Soudjata Acoli or Assata Shakur shocked me more. Imagine you in the 21th century that a bonus of 1.000.000 of the dollars is offered for the capture or the murder of Assata Shakur appears symbolic of the black resistance in United States. It was the same rewards as the Master offered to bounty hunters to capture or kill a runaway slave. And we are in 2009. It shows all the extent of the hypocrisy of this system which shows symbols of evolution of a highly-rated and in the otherside maintains symbols of terror. The President Obama shouldn't guarantee and feeds this hypocrisy because it's incomprehensible to sign the decree for the closure of Guantanamo and not sign a decree to raise the veil on Conteil Pro and the detention of all the political prisoners in the United States. Political prisoners the sacrifices of which contributed to his election. The problem lives in the fact that it's the same executioners who imprison and kill who judge. The same executioners who inform, master and manipulate the public opinion.

How to free itself from the smell of the Master? How to free itself from the fear and from the terror which crush our intestines of traumatized Negros?

By the balance of terror.

Neg Marrons had included it well and we can return them big tribute because by their clear-sightedness and their actions they were able to eradicate the slavery but the historymakers will always glorify Schœlcher in place of Nat Turner or The brave Marron Solitude. Marrons knew how to rebalance the terror by action as high as the inhumanity of the Master. They slaughtered when it was necessary by love for their freedom, their dignity and to protect their honor. During the fight for the civil rights and the fights of decolonization the movements as the Blacks Panthers or the Mau Mau took the relai to rebalance the terror of the colonial or segregationist machine, the same system which wants to protect the white supremacy on the black race. In the current day we are in the reign of hypocrisy and lie. The reign of a white supremacy which wants to continue to protect these privileges by denying the ignoble inheritance and by their actions try to continue to maintain their oppress system on black people worldwide. They speak to us about abolition of the slavery but maintained over centuries the same slave system with lands, wealth and tools of repressions in the hands of their sons or the grandson of slave drivers. During this time sons and the grandsons of the Marrons forgot the values and the codes of transmission of Marrons because the black populations don't know how to protect their codes of transmission, nor the values which restore their pride and their dignity. They tell us about independence, decolonization but they maintain the same cogs and the strategies to take advantage of our raw materials, wealth of the former colonies by a system of sponsoring of traitors, dictators and military bases to repress, support and maintain the neocolonial regims (the French aviation making raids air in African ground to protect its) interest). Then they tell us of forging ahead, they tell us that the slavery is finished, that the colonization is finished. How to be also naïve while the systems and the ideologies which were on the base of the slavery and the colonization are maintained.

It's high time for us to free us from the smell of the Master, to emancipate us from the fear and terror. And only the balancing of the terror, the courage and the bravery can allow it.

A Marron said to free me from the smell of the Master I had to knife him and wash me with his blood.

It's high time for France to assume and begin to think about the price of the blood before the nature and the time takes care of the price of the blood.

France completely has to become aware blood has a price. It is what we call collectively " the price of the blood ". It is necessary to begin to think of paying the price of the blood. And It's by two processes to pay " the price of the blood ". Let be to pay it by a recognition of its crimes and a financial compensation for the crimes appointed during the slavery and the colonization to the victims. Let be the victims some day will protest " the price of the blood " by pouring the blood of the executioners.
And every generation with its mission.
It's a generation which is the generation of the break, the generation of the insubordination, the generation of the honor, dignity and emancipation, the conscious generation which becomes aware of every extent of the hypocrisy of the system set up to maintain us in the servitude and in the submission, in the assimilation and the negation of our own identities.

A revolution gets ready.

A black revolution must be connected with the historic revolutions to learn from it and especially the values which were the mainspring of it. The youth must re-appropriate the value of Neg' Marrons, the determination of Black Panthers and Mau Mau to plunge in souls of ours big and brave fighters who throughout this history to sacrifice everything to give us dignity and honor.

The leitmotiv of our generation has to be: sacrifice, our slogan: "no more", our shield: the memory (that they want to erase or eradicate), and our iron of arrow: the consciousness that it is necessary to us to sublimate the fear and the terror to become free and emancipated beings.

I see them sticking labels: villains, vandals, gansters … But it's this stigmatized youth left in margin who shouts with its language and its weapons that it doesn't want to be any more the martyr of this history. It's this youth who shouts you that they doesn't want to be any more a slave and colonized. It's this youth who shouts you that they won't live any more subdued by bending the spinal column by saying " yes bwana ". It's this youth who shouts you that they won't accept any more the violence and the police brutalities. It's these young people slandered on the trays of TV by puppets negros which like reassuring the Master by persuading him that everything is ok in aim of pity crumbs and privileges and not knowing that the world of the Master is collapsing. But these young people had to put in danger their life and their freedom when these same Negros marionettes benefit from an appearance of evolution. In the current day these shouts of freedom and emancipation are repressed in a big police brutality and a judicial harassment. Now, only the fight allows to cover its freedom, and these young people can fight only with the language and the weapons in their ownership. Instead of slandering them they would be time to offer them the other weapons and the means to triumph in their fight because they are often alone in front of a rough and well oiled machine trained in the repression. It is the same youth which is the lively strength of our people with extremely limited perspectives. The system tries to dissolve their fight and to canalize their strength by incorporating them into police forces or into army at best, and in the worst by breaking them in a jail system.

It is necessary to us to find a just balance of terror and a deterrent power.

Only those who have the same strength can have a fair discussion otherwise the one who has more strength finished always to impose its ideas. The victim can discuss with his executioner only when he is capable of forcing him to listen to him.

We have to find the ways and the means today to force the crakers to listen to us.

I feel united of this youth deprived of everything and delivered to itself which uses the means which they have to express their shout of freedom without forgetting that it undergoes the police and judicial repression while a "elite" benefits gaily from experiences of their fights. I recognize that often their actions and their expressions of revolt offer us headways.
I feel united of all the women and all the men who stand up and fight with all their strengths, their talents and their weapons against this colonial ideology.
Today I am the colonized, in the same spirit as colonized African deported in Guadeloupe, colonized African, colonized African deported in USA or colonized African living in Europe which on three continents knows that he has to fight for freeing himself from the smell of the Master.
And By Any Means Neccesary said Malcolm X.

Mbegane NDOUR
Jambar of Saloum



Pour L'émergence des Consciences Africaines


En soutien au mouvement révolutionnaire, mouvement d'honneur et de dignité en Guadeloupe
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