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Humanitarianism or the rape of our imagination.

Mbegane NDOUR:

Ousmane SEMBENE in one of its memorable films " Guelewar " delivers us this timeless message: " if you want to kill the dignity and the honor of a person gives him its subsistence every day and at the end you will make him an attended deprived of any dignity and any honor. "

HuHumanitarianism was for a long time a concept invented by the west to support the ideology of the civilizing mission of the said "enlightened" populations on the "lower" peoples. It takes source with the missionaries who, besides this "civilizing" mission, coupled it with a conquering, economic and military mission.

By their infiltration within the native populations they studied their strengths and their weaknesses and gave these informations to their respective hierarchies. Seen that in this period there was no separation between the church and the state, the missionaries became of this fact of the intelligence agents in the service of the colonial machine.

During the colonization, manitarianism was used to control better the poles of resistance, starve the rebel populations and corrupt or co-opt puppets.

After " the independences ", Humanitarianism was there only to maintain the networks of influence. During all this time, the assisted populations are educated in the culture of the "assistant" and the " beg hand " so depriving them of their capacity to take their destiny in their own hand.

Humanitarianism was lucrative in every stage of its setting-up, it generated the business of poverty and hunger. He allowed to keep puppets network in the native population. Humanitarianism maintains it from father to son and generations after generation in fact of the dynasties without end.

At the same time as it depreciates the assisted populations, Humanitarianism values his "enlightened" said populations by giving them a feeling of superiority. He also allows his populations to relieve their consciousness because at the bottom they are not fool. They know pertinently that they starve some to nourish the others. The fact of helping populations in economic distress gives them good consciousness and allows them to forget their own human distress.

I can't refrain from being revolted to see us maintained in an "assistant" generation after generation. I can't refrain from being revolted to see our imagination raped, while this business of misery and hunger continues in a shameful way. NGO (NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) and the other associations replaced the missionaries and continue to feed the colonial ideology in an aware or unconscious way. Furthermore, Humanitarianism allows especially to mask the extent of the slaughter committed on the populations. She allows to cover a genocide by this, one traffics with weapons there, traffics with children, with organs... It also covers all the plunder of wealth. At the same time as planes or cargo boats of food aid land, at the same time arrive the mercenaries and the boxes of weapons, at the same time fly away kilos of gold, diamond, coltan …

The destiny of a people cannot join infinitely the "assistanat". It arrives one moment when this people want to take back his destiny in his own hand. We are in a transition where the face of the world is little by little changing. The concept of " dominant " or " enlightened " populations is swept by an universal awareness. At the same time as the consciousnesses get clearer, it is normal that the most ignoble facets of this business are revealed.

It is not conceivable any more in 2009 to see so much distance in the lifestyles. Entrance, main course and desserts for certain children while the others even have no access to the drinking water. The obesity faces to badly nutrition. Archaic diseases come back in certain places of the globe while the medicine was never so successful.

It goes on the human dignity there to restore a right balance.

We cannot turn away any more from these realities and make as if nothing happen.

The certain truths become too striking and whip our lives everyday. The feelings of guilt and shame on one hand are counterbalanced by feelings anti " dominant populations " that we see increasing more and more in four corners of the world. The racial barriers are growing when the injustices and the economic plunder organized by the same business are revealed. We cannot separate Humanitarianism of the colonialism, the neocolonialism and the imperialism.

I keep all my conviction to tell the dignity of a people lives in his capacity to take his destiny in their own hands far from the "assistant" and from the business of the poverty and the hunger. By this rape of the imagination imposed by the Humanitarianism the assisted populations will always say to themselves their Salute will come other where even they sit on goldmines and diamond. And the old African wise man would say to us: " it's like a beggar who holds out his hand begging his thin sustenance when he does not know he sits on a golden bag ". They persuade us that we are poor by forgetting to tell us they impoverish us, and the same with their puppets small circles take advantage gaily of our wealth.

I dream one day to see one of the big puppets bequeathing his memories and some secret files to the future generations to enlighten them a little more on this macabre business and protect them against this rape of their imagination. The old dinosaurs of this ugly business like Senghor, Houphouet, Moboutou, Eyadema, Bokassa, Idi Amin Dada, Samuel Doe and so many others left with their secrets in the grave. Then I start dreaming one of the last dinosaurs will bequeath to the world its memories and its secrets and reveal the truth in broad daylight. That will allow the future generations to turn definitively the page of the colonialism veiled by the concept shameful of the Humanitarian.

Today we are the generation which becomes aware in a big pain and a suffering of the rape of our imagination. We were full of ambitions, dreams and perspectives, but our breasts restrain more and more by the awareness of so many injustices and the striking truths. This awareness is made in a big suffering and pain. Our glances become harder every time we see pieces of these ignominies, and our smiles disappear. The rape of our imagination have created generations of oppressed more and more conscious, ready to cover their dignity by taking back their destiny in their hands.

The road to cover our dignity will be a long road because a civilization built on the wealth, the blood and the suffering of another people keeps its survival in its capacity to maintain those people under its domination. But this domination is more ignoble and more unbearable when it is cover by the business of the famine and the misery: this snake concept of " the Humanitarian ".

Then I feel united and connected to all points of resistance and sound boxes which fight to cover their dignity as free and emancipated human being wherever they are on the African continent, in Guadeloupe, in Martinique, in Guyana, in the United States, in Europe, in the ghettos implanted worldwide.

The Humanitarian is there only to kill our honor and dignity and to continue to violate our imagination.

As could say the old African wise man: " instead of giving fish to the people every day, learn him to catch his own fish and you will make him an emancipated people. "

:Mbegane NDOUR

Pour L'émergence des Consciences Africaines
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