Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Thief by any other name.....

Odhiambo T Oketch:

Yesterday was a sad day for the many Kenyans on whose behalf President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila were begging food for from the International Partners just recently at KICC.

In the floor of Parliament, we all watched with shock as Parliament voted against a censure motion against the Minister of Agriculture. This cleansing, at whatever cost it was, proved once more that the big THIEVES can never be touched in Kenya. They will steal and look you in the face as they deny.

The simple question is; Where is the maize that was supposed to be in the strategic reserves?

Professional defenses will not alter the fact that maize was given to the wrong people, not to the millers. And instead of Parliament voting to put an end to this impunity, many of them joined ranks to entrench impunity.

I know for sure that this weekend, all the 'maize millers' will converge somewhere in Rift Valley to chest thump. The days are indeed bad, and I hope many Kenyans are taking note.

The sanitization of Hon William Ruto is only but a continuation of the same process that we have seen before. Hon George Saitoti went to the courts to sanitize his involvement with Goldenberg Scandals. The courts granted him the orders that he negotiated and declared him clean, but in the eyes of the public, the ghosts of Goldenberg will forever hang on his neck.

We then saw Hon Kiraitu Murungi and company with Anglo Leasing.scandals. They were relieved of their cabinet posts in what Kiraitu clarified yesterday, were cleared of the scandals by the Executive, and promptly reappointed into the cabinet. But in the eye of the Public, Kiraitu is Anglo Leasing and Triton combined.

Do you know how much the Triton saga is worth? Kshs 7.9 billion. And do you know what the maize saga is worth? Kshs 850 million. The truth is, they are all crimes against humanity.

Kenyans are paying high prices for fuel simply because Kiraitu does not know where the oil went, and yet, he is the Minister. Kenyans are paying the high price of maize simply because Ruto says no maize was stolen. If no miaze was stolen, where is the maize?

Kenyans must wake up from deep slumber. Kenyans must take note that all the THIEVES are coming together to frustrate efforts at having them being held accountable.

The sad thing is that as Kenyans are dying of hunger, a reality, as children are going to school without food, your MP has chosen to vote with the THIEVES. Your MP has chosen to use the floor of Parliament to defend thievery.

You have the card right in your hands. Show them RED.

Odhiambo T Oketch
Komarock Nairobi
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