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The 18th Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature.


Pioneering Independent Black Writer, Publisher and Muslim, Yahya Abdul Karim “joined the ancestors” in 2008. 2009 will be one of only three years his presence will not be there, when Black Writers gather at Khalifah’s Estate to “validate and celebrate” Black writers at the 18th presentation of Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature.

Brother Yahya will not be there but his spirit surely will. He was especially adept at recognizing, helping and encouraging new writers. Now that gift will continue to be shared. The Black Book Award for The Best New Book of the Year will be awarded in his memory. This Black Book Award will be renamed The Yahya Abdul Karim Best New Book of the year in which it is presented.


Black Book Awards are presented to Black Writers during Black Literary Weekend. Yahya was married to Sister Linda Richardson [her professional name]. And it is Sister Linda who will be asked to present this award to the recipient in 2009. Yahya was a legend in his own time. “I am older than Brother Yahya, but he is my role model in publishing.” Said the Founder and General Manager of the Black Book Awards, Publisher H. Khalif Khalifah, at introductions of Yahya.

Khalifah is instrumental in bringing into print more than 600 different titles over a 35 year over 35 and counting, career. Before Khalifah published his first book, Yahya’s “Afrikan Name Book,” and several others that was published by AFRAM PRESS, Yahya’s company, was already in print.


The Black Book Awards evolved out of “The Harlem Literary Arts Festival” in 1977 and 1978. Two events Founded and sponsored by UBUS [United Brothers Communications Systems]. Legends John H. Clarke,Queen Mother Moore, Ben Jochannan, Preston Wilcox, Reda Faard Khalifah & Amos Wilson, Ali Rashed, Simon Bly Jr. and Poet Rich Bartee, were among those “attended and participated,” in the historic conferences. Never before had anyone ‘celebrated’ the work of “Self Published Writers” on such a high level. Indeed, at that time, if you were “self published,” your work was stigmatized, marginzed – and no bookstore or distributor would carry your book for sale in their establishments.

With the founding of UBUS Communications Systems, Khalifah “flag ship” organization, he led a direct attack against this stigma. When researched, it turned out that discrediting of books that were “self published” was done by traditional publishers. Traditional publishers are white, or Caucasian publishers. Established to serve white writers, exclusively, black writers not only saw African history abused, misused and distorted, it was IMPOSSIBILE to get Traditional publishers to published their work with truthful accounts. UBUS have worked long and relentlessly to overcome this debiliting, devastating situation.

“It became habitual with me; when I experience something in the liberation struggle of African people that is out of order; or know SOMETHING should be where there is NOTHING, I work to rectify the situation as if no one else is doing the job.” Said Khalifah, in an interview in at his home, at the birthplace of Nat Turner in Southampton County, Virginia.

Khalifah says he did not come to his methodology in the beginning: “ When I first enjoined the Struggle, I looked to help somebody who was already doing the job,” not finding them, he went to work. Then at Our Families Protection Association Street Barzaar in 1981, Khalifah met Yahya Abdul Karim. And as they say in Alabama, “the rest is history in the making.”

The 18th presentation of Black Book Awards will be on June 5, 6 & 7. All who commit and participate will receive Black Book Award Citations and automatically be nominees to win Black Book Award in several categories categories. Please go to or call (704) 277-1462

More About The 18th Black Book Awards for Excellence in Black Literature.

The family, Friends, Associates and Buyers of Independent: Black Writers, Vendors, Publishers and Distributors are invited to “attend and participate” in the Validation and Celebration of Black Literature that is produced and sold “By, For and about Black People” June 5, 6 & 7, 2009 – Attendance is Absolutely Free! [The first 50 who commit to come will be scheduled to speak on a First Class basis]

“Nominate” your book, or any book you deem worthy of recognition, validating and celebrating with Black Book Awards, as it has been bestowed upon Black writers since 1978, including the following: Amos N. Wilson, John Henrik Clarke, Henry N. Anderson, Federick Newsome, Paul Lawrence Banks, Lisa Muhammad, Mauriscio Henderson, Amin Muhammad, Barashango Ikamusa, Imari Abubakari Obadele, Johnita Scott Obadele, Shahrazad Ali, Reda Faard Khalifah, Frances C. Welsing, Eric Gift, Luther Warner, Gloria Taylor Edwards, Ida B. Wells, Carter G. Woodson, George G. M. James, Na’im Akbar, Yusef Abdul Salaam, Lumumba Odinga, Nana Butweiku I, C.R.O.E., Hodari Ali, Keidi Awadu, Yayah Abdul Karim, Tony Martin, Laila O. Afrika, Sherman W. Jones, Del Jones, Ahmad N. Yahim, Judy Carter (Amuntyt Khalifah), Muata Ashby, Nancy H. Sweet, Aleisa Muhammad, Omar Reid, Lula B. Edwards, Carol Barnes, Ben Jochannan, Preston Wilcox, Ahmad Daniels, Omar Tyree, James Magee, Lavinia Magee, Kamau Kambon, Muwiah Kambon, Terrance Jackson, Baba Zulu, Marva Cooper, Pierre Marie Fequiere, LABO, Julio Rose, Tom S., Curtis Cost, John F. Hachett, Kimberly Jones, Bettye Holmes Chansamone, John Moodie, Jessie Hall, Malik H. Jabbar, Anna Swantson, Edgar J. Ridley, William F. Browne, Latif Tarik, Areeb malik Shabazz, John Muhammad, Adib Rashad, Nathaniel E. Dozier, Ruth Rice Swann, Ada Sherill, W. Edwards Smalls Jr, Kendryck V. C. Allen, Frank Yancy, Lemuel Mayhem, Naimo Mu’id, Kelvin K. King, G. G. Henderson, Dalani Aamon, Sundiata Acoli, Erick Penn, Phil Valentine, Dr. Nalani CND, PhD, Baruti Bafele, Opio Lumumba Sokoni, Nilene (Omodele Adeoti) Foxworth, Cynthia Boyd, Barbara Booker Wood, C. L. Bonner, Maaxeru Tep, Brother Sayif and too many others to name who have received the only validation & celebration of its kind in the world [IF YOU DON’T SEE YOUR NAME HERE, FORGIVE US: IF YOUR INSIST CALL (704) 277-1462 and we will find space for you. Remember, everything is free except for food, the Nat Turner trail: booksellers, including writers and Vendors pay a percentage of sales [limited to 50].


The third day of what is commonly known as “black literary weekend” is given to a Return Tour to The Nat Turner Trail. The tour is a Living History Lesson. It is conducted by Seniors Tour Guides, ALEXIS JOYNER & H. KHALIF KHALIFAH. For more information, go to;

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