Friday, January 15, 2010


By Emamuel L. Knight

JANUARY 15, 2009

SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VA – A call is made to Black nationalist Elders to attend a Pro-Black Media Conference “to Assess the State of, Offer Support, and Give Guidance and Advice to The National Black Community.”

All Black people are welcome to attend and participate but the specific purpose for the Conference is to assess what Black Elders are planning to do with their possessions when they retire and transition.
The purpose of the conference is also to form a National Coalition of Black Nationalist Elders. The Black Nationalist Elders, (NCBNE) will identify worthy work by Black youth to whom they will endorse with words, acts and deeds of support.


The targeted Elders for Membership are identified as sixty (60) years and older whose work in the National Black Community is, and has been in the past, from positions within Black Nationalism (Pan Africanist and other Independence guided formations).
Black Elders, as they are in the greater Black Community, 60 years and older are transitioning (dying) at a faster pace than others within Black America. The Coalition of Black Nationalist Elders is to ensure that the nature of their work, now and after they transition, benefit Black Independence Movements within Black America.
The wealth of NCBNE is profound when collected together. However, since the devastation of the progressive ideology of the general Black community in general, and Black nationalism in particular, there is much prevailing confusion about the ideals, principles and practice of Black Nationalism. The conference will address these concerns.


The conference will focus on five areas of concern in Black America: 1) Politics 2) Culture 3) Economics 4) Spirituality and 5) Media. Models of “systems” that have served Black people well during THEIR OWN lives will be the guiding manner in which the Elders Coalition will work.
The “Callers to Conference” are Dr. Kamau Kambon, and First United Brother, H. Khalif Khalifah. They targeted the over sixty generation primarily because, arguably, all of the major advances of The Black Nation today can be traced to the work of their own generation when they were Black Youth in the 1960’s.
As “elders” in Black America over sixty, there is no dearth of knowledge or understanding about Independence vs any other ideal, Program vs System, Religion vs Spirituality and Words vs Acts and Deeds. The Wisdom from the understanding will guide causes their support.

Anyone of a mind to attend the conference is welcome. The conference will be held at in THE NAT TURNER REFERENCE LIBRARY, 26070 Barhams Hills Road, Drewryville, Virginia 23844 during Black History Month 2010.

The date and time will be announced: call 434-378-2140, or 919-250-9110 to register or get more information.


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