Monday, October 10, 2011

African Jihad, a Postmodern Fiction: A Pan Africanist Org. breaking the shackles of colonial mindset

African Jihad is a postmodern fiction. The storyline is woven around a Pan African organization committed and determined to gain more justice and more equity in a nation still shackled by a colonialist mindset.
The main character is the narrator. He is surrounded by members of the organization. As the story unfolds, we discover that above and beyond the organization, a full-blown nation within the nation is alive: well-structured, disciplined, and animated.
The characters of this narrative reveal their struggles with the social fracture, exclusion, discriminatory practices, and segregation. Meanwhile, they are set on a course to remain soldiers in a noble task geared to restore the balance of life and the right direction of History, conquer their dignity and the rights of an oppressed people.
The book is written with an aggressive sense of visualization and an energetic style allowing energy and suspense to flow through every page. A love story makes its way into the narrative where the status of Women, family values, the power of spiritual beliefs, and the relevance of cultural heritage appear fundamental.
The novel chronicles with great clarity the bonds linking every individual to their roots (namely Africa) and contemplates the multifaceted wealth running through the African Diaspora. In the last analysis African Jihad is a reflection on the commitment to the struggle; to the moral standards it demands; to the primacy of Life; to the sincerity of universal love. (Joseph Frénel)
The author, Mbégane Ndour, was born in 1970 in Dakar. After his Baccalaureate, he entered the École Spéciale des Travaux Publics (an elite civil engineering school in Paris) to pursue a degree in electrical engineering.
In 1995, in the midst of the crisis that followed the devaluation of the CFA franc (the currency of most former African colonies of the French empire), Mbégane was in his native Senegal and witnessed first-hand the drastic consequences of that measure on helpless populations crushed by a decision made outside Africa by Western bureaucrats. He developed an awareness of the need to commit seriously to The Cause and to the struggle for liberation and emancipation in Africa.
Upon his return to Paris, he made the decision to join Djoloff and articulate artistically the need to assault the neocolonial order.
Mbégane Ndour is active in the “Combat Prose” writing workshops created by the FNAC Corporation. He was instrumental in setting up the program design and taught creative writing during close to two years at the Forum des Halles workshop. This seminal experience turned him into an Eternal Prose Warrior.
ISBN : 978-2-35349-153-7. Language: French.


Une conscience qui n'appelle pas à l'action devient une conscience stérile

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