Monday, March 26, 2012


Above, new President-elect Macky Sall (left), and right outgoing President Wade
Lovers of democracy in Africa in general and the Senegalese people in particular should be jubilating about the election results in Senegal.  For the second time in the history of elections in Africa, Senegal has demonstrated a triumph of democracy.  In 2000, Senegal began a trend in Africa, which is not being followed but by a few leaders in the African continent.  In that year, a sitting African president lost an election to an opposition leader for the first time in Africa.  The president who conducted that election was President Abdoul Diuof who had governed Senegal for 20 years, just like his predecessor former and late President Leopold Senghor. 
I want to end this by saying that I am quite proud of President Wade for holding a free and fair election.  In my estimation, he stands very high for not succumbing to election gimmickry to stay in office.  Every Senegalese should be proud of Abdoulaye Wade in particular and themselves in general for the peaceful maturity they demonstrated during this period of what had seemed like uncertainty.  But they all stood tall, though earlier marred by violence, to reclaim their honor as the epitome of democracy in Africa.  It is a a great lesson that they continue to practice and teach that other Africans should emulate.  I salute President Wade for honorably exiting the presidency, Mr. Macky Sall for humbly coming into the presidency and for the Senegalese people for their democratic maturity.
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