Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Brother Is In Your Pocket

From The Ramparts

"Everyone is interested in your private information, but it is not private any longer. The Internet and device providers have changed their terms of service so that all data that you use on their networks or devices belong to them, somehow. This is precious data to them as they can either sell it or use it for profiling purposes. Everything we do on the Internet leaves a trail back to us. Search engine entries, shopping lists, e-mail addresses and so much more which is ripe for the taking. Now governments and their intelligence agencies want a piece of that action and they have new tools to ascertain our intentions and possible future actions." Trapped In The Grid: How Net-Centric Devices And Appliances Provide Voluminous Information To Intelligence Agencies And Their Business Partners

Eric Arthur Blair who wrote under the pen name George Orwell penned a novel called 1984 in which he depicted a time in the not too distant future when a cunning central government uses constant surveillance, misinformation, fear, nationalism and the threat of perpetual war to control the people. The main character in the novel was named Winston Smith. His job was to rewrite and reinterpret history by painting it in the perspective of the ruling elites. The central government conditioned and brainwashed the people to accept lies and a language of disinformation as part of their every day existence. Winston thinks for himself thus he becomes a target for more surveillance, intrigue and intervention. That intervention included deception, betrayal and torture in an attempt to get Winston to confirm, enjoy servitude and an induced semi-comatose state to go along with the Big Brother program.

What sprang from Blair's imagination exists here and now in real time reality. We are living in the exact social environment and psychological milieu Blair (Orwell) described. Big Brother is alive and well in the US of A. Since the shift towards a totalitarian police state has been fairly gradual (up until recent years) and the corporate media which is a key component of the fascist Big Brother propaganda program is being used to distract us, lie to us and create a false reality at the behest of the ruling elites; we didn't/don't see it coming. We're like frogs in a pot of water where the heat is being increased incrementally rather than all at once. Nevertheless their plan is to cook us to death, it will just take longer.
We are living in the exact same world envisioned by George Orwell. We are seeing a gradual decay of society, we are constantly spied upon by the government, we are viewed as threats if we dissent or criticize the powers that be and the government uses brutal and lethal force to put down any type of resistance and opposition to their program. Winston who was a fairly well of member of the party in control lived this same reality! We are in the grip of a fascist police state. If you doubt what I'm saying meditate on how the young people in the Occupy Wall Street movement have been treated while big time government and Wall Street insider thieves and crooks get off Scott free. (Bernie Madoff is only in jail because he turned himself in.) We are in a constant state of war and have been since WWII. We are led to believe (as in all past wars) these wars (and potential wars) are righteously being waged for freedom and safety.
Despite the lies of the government, the military and the telecommunications industry we are under constant surveillance, spied upon, with citizens informing on each other; and we have been for quite some time; even before 9-11! The bogus pretext for all this spying and surveillance is of course "national security" and the "war on terror". No one ever raises the question, how can you wage war on terror, when terror is neither a place nor a people? Terror is a tactic, a tactic the shadow governments of the ruling elites (whether its the KKK or the Illuminati) have used well for millennia. The mind control apparatus' (organized religion, media and educational system) jobs are to dumb us down, keep usafraid and fearful (full of fear) so the authorities can "protect" us from the bogymen they created in the first place; The Devil, or people like Osama bin-Laden, Saddam Hussein or Joseph Koney.

One way they keep us under constant observation is through technology, the Internet, social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter and even cable television. These inventions are the tools being used by the corporations, intelligence agencies and shadow government to spy on our every move, our thoughts and activities, along with the use of cameras, satellites and other devices. The most sinister aspect of all this is, we have been tricked into buying the very gizmos and gadgets and using the very tools, software, platforms and applications employed to pry into our privacy and indoctrinate us into the New World Order ! It is so bizarre. We are actually assisting and cooperating in our own demise as free minded sentient beings. We are being conditioned for servitude, psychological conformity, mindlessness and peonage under the guise of progress, convenience, having "friends" and security. This is not just a local or USA phenomenon. The same thing or worse is happening all over the world. Europe is increasingly under surveillance with cameras and other devices. "Europe's largest 'white hat' hacker group, the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), recently reverse engineered and analyzed an anonymously submitted malware program. Nothing out of the ordinary for security researchers. However, to its surprise, the group discovered this particular malware was commissioned by German police and used to spy on German citizens. As if state-sponsored eavesdropping were not enough, this malware has also been found with remote control or backdoor functionalities that enable the uploading and executing of other programs, including the siphoning of personal data. Most concerning is the news that a laptop had the malware added by the German authorities when the user passed through customs at an airport... The German action followed the leaking of documents revealing via Wikileaks that the Bavarian police had commissioned the home-based security firm DigiTech to design a Trojan for its own use. What the CCC report and others show is that the Trojan program, Backdoor:W32/R2D2.A (also known as 0zapftis), was being used to go much farther than plain wiretapping." State-Sponsored Malware Revealed in Europe

That's just the back end. It gets worse when you consider what is happening just to get the materials to manufacture this stuff. The fact is millions of Africans living in the Democratic Republic of Congo and other regions of Central Africa have perished because of the ongoing wars being fought over minerals and resources such oil, gold, uranium and specifically coltan the pivotal mineral used to make computers, cell phones, notebooks, laptops, iPads etc. How many Africans had to die for us to sport the latest smart phones, iPhones and laptops? How many Africans have been killed so Big Brother can expand its global spy capabilities?
These gizmos are merely a part of an even larger network of spying and surveillance. " There have been a series of related and interesting developments in the field of global intelligence gathering. The NSA is building a brand new data center in Utah in order to connect with some new intelligence sharing systems such as the Defense Intelligence Enterprise and the Global Information Grid. The Global Information Grid is a massive military system which pulls information from every piece of sensory military hardware in space, land, sea, or air and manages it. The Defense Intelligence Enterprise takes which is already in place and shares that data with national intelligence agencies and their respective international partners. This behemoth is nothing but trouble as citizens around the world are being caught up in this information whorehouse. I am sure that most people would not appreciate their private conversations end up on foreign military or intelligence networks." Trapped In The Grid: How Net-Centric Devices And Appliances Provide Voluminous Information To Intelligence Agencies And Their Business Partners

This is Big Brother mind control at its best. The ruling elites knew no one was going to knowingly buy something that is going to be used to enslave them or spy on them. So they had to develop a way to make the products "hip" "Kool" and "to die for" so we would buy them. So they did what they did to market cigarettes in the 30' 40's 50's and 60's, they made it appealing and desirable. They targeted specific groups like the college kids,younger people and certain professionals to get them in the pipeline. Once they became "hip" and utilitarian the funds and marketing were made available to popularize them. We have been feed a bunch of lies about Google and Facebook and the other tentacles in the spy network to induce us to buy them and use their products like,YouTube and Twitter. We have been conditioned to think this is progress, that they are merely the latest consumer products and status symbols, when in reality they are part of the shadow government's surveillance network and global spy grid.

Am I saying these inventions were created by the elites? Not necessarily, they just backed them once they figured out how they could exploit them for the New World Order. Have you ever asked yourself why these products are so universal or why they are supported by almost everything? Is there anything that doesn't ask you to use Facebook or follow them on Twitter? Duh, it's so you'll use them which will allow Big Brother to keep track of you, know what you are thinking and what you are doing. Have you ever asked yourself why and how Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook were able to create a virtual monopoly in their particular marketplace? It's because the shadow government pumped money into them and uses them along with the other telecommunications giants they own to be part of a total global surveillance system to spy and keep track of all who use them. So the smart phone, iPhone or iPad you are bragging about and carrying around with you is really Big Brother's way of keeping tabs on you. But that's not their ultimate goal. They will only use these until such time they can convince us to allow them to implant an RFID chip in us. And they are working on that as we speak. In the future Big Brother won't just be in your pocket, it will be embedded inside of you. Food for thought

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