Saturday, April 21, 2012

Information is Power in State v. Zimmerman by Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Information is Power in State v. Zimmerman
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

The next time that a white supremacist believes that "coon hunting" is permissible under the U.S. Constitution and he or she fatally shoots a person of African ancestry, I hope that all Blacks and especially Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Benjamin Jealous bury their heads in the sand. Black outrage, absent some subsequent, real action, only enhances the possibility of another racially-inspired murder.

After watching our reaction to the senseless murders of Sean Bell and now Trayvon Martin, whites supremacists have concluded that we shoot our only "load" while we are emotionally upset. After Blacks shoot their load up front, whites conclude that they can go back to planning another Black death.

This modus operandi helps Revs. Sharpton and Jackson in addition to Jealous. Capitalists invest heavily in fighting racial fires. The racially-inspired shooting of Trayvon Martin ignited a firestorm in Sanford, FL. It must be extinguished forthwith. Otherwise, insurance companies could have to pay substantial damages. It is cheaper to pay racial racketeers.

If left unchecked, the result in Trayvon Martin will follow the disastrous result in Sean Bell. Initially, Blacks in New York were outraged. Rev. Sharpton then called for a "Shopping for Justice" march to pacify Blacks. In the meantime, the police suspects for the death of Sean Bell secured bail without any challenge from the Black community. The rest is history.

Unless Blacks establish a headquarters in Sanford, FL forthwith, the ending for Trayvon Martin will follow the result in Sean Bell. When you face-off with whites, you must be prepared to go 24/7. When a zebra is in the jungle, other zebras must be on look-out for lions. A predator is always looking for its prey. This is also natural law which governs American jurisprudence.

Blacks must keep the criminal justice center in Sanford, FL under surveillance every hour of the day until the duration of this case. Meanwhile, there must be ongoing, strategic planning. Shelter is a basic necessity of life. It is also a basic necessity of conflict. To be sure, white supremacists have secured shelter to wage a racial war. Blacks are homeless.

During the course of State v. Zimmerman, there will be several critical proceedings which Blacks must address. The first proceeding involved the charge against Zimmerman. This inning goes to Zimmerman. He got off light. The second inning may be played on April 20. Leading Blacks have remained silent on bail. Blacks can only hope for a divine intervention.

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