Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Poetry

Why Poetry

Where God and we meet
When time and space stand still
If reality and dreams became one
Since love and life are all
That matters

Why poetry

Because you and I are different
Determination yet to unfold
Joy and sadness
Passions dictating this rhythm
Love in harmony is

Why Poetry

Smiles and tears mingled
Between this now and that then
Past reflections and future happenstance
Moments paved between words
Carved from solid chunks of my soul

Why Poetry

It is so therefore I am
It lives therefo! re I dream
It breathes therefore I see
It touches therefore I am connected
It lingers past the moment and I am free

Why Poetry
Why Not!

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The song that lies silent in the heart of a mother sings upon the lips of her child..
Kahlil Gibran

Rodney D. Coates
Professor and Interim Director of Black World Studies

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