Monday, May 28, 2012

Bougie Negroes v. Real Change, by Mary Neal

A couple of years ago, we received tragic reports from Cynthia Johnson, an online friend and member of Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill (AIMI). Cynthia alleged that she was raped by a New Jersey police officer in 2008 when two officers went to her home to arrest her on false charges levied by a drug addicted cousin whom she had reported for child neglect. Johnson claims the violent sex crime was hushed up in New Jersey just like my brother's murder was hushed up in Memphis, Tennessee. She alleged that she was denied a rape kit when she reported the sexual assault to the duty sergeant upon her arrest and that she was deliberately kept incarcerated until the semen dissolved in her body to prevent prosecution for the offense. Please familiarize yourself with the allegations by reading this article, which cyberstalkers refused to allow me to open on May 23, 2012:  "New Jersey v. Cynthia Johnson for Being Young, Gifted and Black" – at this link . Police officers who are rapists and murderers must be prosecuted with the same or greater zeal than average citizens. It is particularly disturbing that black women can be raped by Caucasian police officers and a handicapped black man murdered by police without censure in cities that have African American representatives in major offices.

Unfortunately, the response to African Americans who report major crimes done under the color of law is often censorship and persecution. My online reports about crimes by police officers are censored in Georgia by a team of at least four cyberstalkers at a time who were appointed by and/or are protected in their illegal cyber censorship by officials over justice. In fact, my computer is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week to interfere with reports about crimes against humanity that are allowed by officials in cities across this country and by the United States Department of Justice, which is also under the jurisdiction of an African American, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. When police officers are not censured for criminal conduct, more crime against citizens is encouraged. It is unacceptable that as more of America's decision makers became black people, respect for the rights of African Americans regressed to the point that unarmed blacks like Kenneth McDade are regularly killed by police, usually without penalty. The brutality and murders of inmates like Larry Neal are covered-up by officials and the media, black women like Cynthia Johnson are raped and elderly veterans like Mr. Chamberlain are killed by police officers who they were commanded to admit into their homes.

It appears that African Americas are relegated back into slavery and that even African American officials who were elected and appointed to positions over justice are actually plantation overseers whose dedication is to slave-catching for prison labor, holding black women still for rape, eliminating harmless handicapped and elderly blacks who cannot contribute to Master's plantation, and killing or incarcerating young black men and women who might have been protectors of our people and are therefore considered threats and enemies. Moreover, documenting and publishing the re-enslavement of African Americans is treated like such reports are being made in a cruel dictatorship in a third world country that victimizes its own people, such Uganda under Idi Amin, where hundreds of thousands of blacks were slaughtered and some eaten by the African ruler. We live in the day of "elite integration," which started on Southern Plantations. House Negroes were slaves like the blacks in the fields, but they enjoyed an elevated living standard slavery provided just as their owners did. See the poem below, called "ELITE INTEGRATION."  
ELITE INTEGRATION, by Mary Neal (all rights reserved)

Elite white people and black people done got together against little people
And they imprisoning 'em and waterboarding 'em and executing 'em


Elite white people and black people done got together against little people
They lay 'em off, make 'em bail out banks, laying railroad tracks to concentration camps*

*Google "H.R. 645," the FEMA camp bill introduced in January 2009 by Alcee Hastings, a black congressman from Florida, a democrat.

My own reports about Larry Neal's murder under secret arrest, The (Johnnie) Cochran Firm's fraud against minorities throughout America, abuses and murders of the mentally ill, mass incarceration, brutality, and wrongful executions are treated with enmity by officials whose job is to uphold the people's rights to life and liberty. See Wrongful Death of Larry Neal website at . Offenders include African American officials and police officers who have their jobs only because oppressed black people, liberal whites and Jews in the 1960s faced police dogs, powerful water hoses, public beatings and murders in order to get the Voting Rights Act passed, thinking that such legislation would remove the yoke of oppression off our necks. As a result, African Americans now have black oppressors, which improved the position of racist plantation owners rather than the people. With blacks in federal and local positions over the injustice system, African Americans lack the unity that brought down Jim Crow during the civil rights movement and weakened him for decades. Jim Crow has now recovered and is in the prison gym pumping iron. He struts through black neighborhoods and down the corridors of America's courtrooms and prisons flexing new, bulging muscles, killing, maiming and raping whomever he chooses in full confidence that African American plantation overseers will condone or conceal his crimes. The biggest mistake made by 21st century blacks was forgetting something that white supremacists remember and use against us today: Blacks are useful for raiding and burning villages and bringing out shackled slaves. Blacks are accomplished whipping boys and plantation overseers.

African American voters forgot that Master's strongest allies who helped him and a handful of whites maintain cruel dominance over thousands of black slaves were the Negroes like those in Master's kitchen and carriage house, often Mullatos with whom the master was closely related by blood. The Big House Negroes and their owners shared a common interest in keeping slaves suppressed while they enjoyed the fruits of their labors. House Negroes and supervising field hands were often the masters' offspring, sex partners, or black-skinned slaves who had proved their loyalty to white supremacists by performing acts of deception and cruelty against other human chattel on Masters' plantations. As a reward, they got to ride a horse through the fields and wield a whip, drawing blood from pregnant slave women who dared to stand upright while picking cotton and take a moment to rub their sore backs. The kitchen slaves were allowed to butter their children's biscuits and take leftovers from the evening meal home to their shacks at night. Carriage house Negroes frequently got to leave the plantation when they took their owners to conduct business or to enjoy social events at other plantations. All the other slaves labored throughout their lives and died within a few miles of the slave quarters and fields where they were born unless they were sold. Regular slaves could not even escape the drudgery of their lives through books, as literacy was forbidden. The masters' carriage drivers were envied by slaves working in hot fields who watched them ride by holding horses' reins in hands that had no blisters and calluses, wearing shoes and suits without holes, smiling and whistling with their stomachs full.

Big house workers and plantation supervisors were also slaves, but theirs was a more comfortable existence and elevated status made possible by the suffering and degradation of their fellows. They did, however, incur their owners' waft whenever slaves escaped. It fell to big house Negroes and plantation overseers to learn about escape plans and inform their masters in order to curtail freedom quests and circumvent slave uprisings. The big house Negroes therefore enlisted tipsters in the slave quarters who spied on their brethren in return for small favors like extra biscuits, a bigger garden patch, or lighter duty in the Master's fields. Therefore, slave masters developed a system of "proxy racism" that continues today. Proxy racists use sold-out blacks to suppress other blacks in order to impose and strengthen white supremacy.

This system of racism by proxy did not crumble after slavery officially ended. Many slave owners bequeathed land to their mulatto relatives and former slaves, giving them a distinct advantage over other blacks. Benevolent white churches and organizations helped to establish black schools. Some of the black schools required entrants to pass a "paper sack test," limiting admission to lighter-skinned blacks with close blood relationships to their former owners. Blacks with Caucasian rather than Negroid features and those who carried benign messages were promoted and allowed to make significant educational financial and social gains, while "radicals" were persecuted, arrested, and killed for propounding revolutionary messages that were contrary to the interests of white supremacists. People with the best education and contacts tend to rise in business and government. As a result, African Americans are largely represented by sell-outs who still take their orders from white supremacists like house servants did during slavery. Many black journalists publish what white supremacists tell them to and censor news as instructed. Major civil and human rights organizations follow white supremacists' dictates, and so do many black politicians. Although scores of African Americans excel in business and government and despite large organizations founded on the principle of equal rights for blacks, real progress is hampered by these "gatekeepers" for white supremacists whose order was to "come on in and make America look democratic, but shut the door behind you." Enough sell-outs are in major positions now that average African Americans feel we as a race have "overcome," which is a fallacy. We as a people believe the mirage that has no basis in fact. See the poem "Mass Hypnosis," by Mary Neal below:
Mass Hypnosis

This is how we'll win the game

Let just a few live the dream

Marches, sit-ins all in vain

Make 'em think they overcame

Show 'em an empty Jim Crowe grave

Apologize for making 'em slaves

Rising tempers, we must tame

Make 'em think they overcame.

Let a few experience success

Toms come aboard and control the rest

Millions will be left in pain

But they'll think they overcame.

        ("Mass Hypnosis" - All rights reserved by Mary Neal 11/13/10)

I have had numerous run-ins with house Negroes since my brother's murder, whose death is their responsibility to keep hidden from the public. At first, I was not aware that "civil rights for blacks" was a game. There are so many blacks in decision making capacities that I thought America had nearly overcome prejudice until my handicapped brother was secretly arrested and murdered in Memphis Shelby County Jail in 2003. Memphis is a "chocolate city" with many blacks in decision making capacities. I did not know so many Negroes with titles are merely plantation overseers for white supremacists until I began seeking open disclosure and justice regarding Larry Neal's murder. It surprised me when the "head Negroes in charge" engaged in a cover-up regarding Larry Neal's murder by police. That is when I learned that proxy racism is an issue in local and federal government, the media, and civil rights organizations in the 21st century. House Negroes still do their masters' bidding in order to keep the privileges that go along with their positions and avoid getting on Master's "bad side." Negroes in this century continue being white supremacists' facilitators just as their counterparts in the 1800s suppressed field slaves because doing so provides an elevated living standard. Bougie Negroes get together and compliment each other on what a "credit to their race" they are, give one another awards, etc., and help white supremacists carry forth a false semblance of  American "equality" to the world. Reality for the masses of blacks in 21st century America is quite different from what is projected. We experience runaway rates of unemployment and mass incarceration, unchecked police violence, and endangerment of truth-tellers by blacks and whites who benefit by continuing slavery - under cover.

There is little to no difference between how police violence is handled in America in the 21st century and mob lynchings that occurred immediately after slavery "ended." This is true although numerous police departments, cities and county governments now have blacks in office and the U.S. Department of Justice itself is headed by a black man. Check this blog later this week, and I will provide details about some of the house Negroes I encountered during my justice quest regarding murders and oppression. I do not know if Georgia is more corroded with sell-out Negroes than other places, but some followed me to the DeKalb County Library to take over the computer I am using now for input. Reporting such crimes to police is useless. Last June, Negro police officers came to my home and told me I had better not report that crimes against me are allowed and that I am never to try to see the black CEO of DeKalb County, Burrell Ellis. This happened after police refused to investigate the car tag belonging to a Negro stalker who said he is "paid well" to follow me. Mayor Kasim Reed, another Negro, is mayor of Atlanta, a city with many blacks on the city council. Last month, I received notice from the city that it takes no responsibility for two Negro Atlanta police officers who threatened to Taser and arrest me for telling people about my brother's lynching and the Cochran Firm fraud against Kathryn Johnston's family and other African Americans throughout the country. America continues to enlarge on slavery, and more house Negroes than ever before are performing their duty to ensure that white supremacy reigns. Meanwhile, misguided African Americans continue to envy the well-dressed, well-fed Negro coachmen who ride by oppressive fields in Masta's carriage with smiks on their faces, holding the horses' reins with uncalloused hands. Field slaves promoted those house Negroes they admired after emancipation, especially mullatos, and the beat goes on.  See an excellent dipiction of the Negro coachman by John Carroll Doyle at  .
Mary Neal, human rights advocate against hypocrisy, racism, and injustice in America. Dedicated to Rev. Pinkney and Benton Harbor OCCUPY THE PGA protest on May 26, 2012

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