Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Restore Sanity and Balance

From The Ramparts

"Today the Western paradigm, rooted in the will to power, alienation, conflict and a materialistic dispiritualization is collapsing before our eyes. The mad pursuit of the material and the effort by Western scientists to dominate nature, has produced a hole in the ozone and a dangerous phenomena called global warming. If this deadly confrontation between Western man and nature is not reversed, the earth will become uninhabitable. What is required is nothing less than a world view that reflects a balance between the masculine and the feminine and between humanity and Mother Nature. The West must begin to turn towards the East and towards Africa to a balanced paradigm of male-female, masculine- feminine, humanity and nature balance and synthesis." Oba T'Shaka Return To The African Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality Vol. I page 85-86

As the world experiences the American led Western societal implosion and the global economic system collapse; if you are watching the moral rot metastasize throughout the system and feeling the stress these events engender in our personal situations and lives, you are probably feeling a sense of ominous dread and foreboding. Most people know intuitively things aren't right. They are concerned about the future of this country and their own situation. Many are turning to alcohol, drugs, sex or shopping to anesthetize themselves to cope with their worsening economic problems. According to a recent survey depression and mental illness are increasing across the land.
"Several months ago, SAMHSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) issued the results of their national survey on mental health in the United States. This 5-year study brought into clear focus the growing prevalence of mental illness and substance abuse in our country. As is widely know, mental illness does not discriminate based on race, gender, or socioeconomic class. A closer examination of the survey's data revealed some alarming findings. First and foremost, the survey evidenced that over 45 million Americans - approximately one in five adults - suffer from some form of mental illness. Among those adults, the percentage having a serious disorder was 4.8 percent (or 11 million individuals). Perhaps most alarming, however, was the fact that 62 percent of those individuals failed to receive health services for their illness. As Pamela Hyde, a SAMHSA administrator, stated, 'Too many Americans are not getting the help they need and opportunities to prevent and intervene early are being missed... So what accounts for these disturbing statistics? The survey hints at the answer, suggesting that record rates of unemployment have certainly contributed. Unfortunately, as so many Americans know from personal experience, losing your job almost always means losing your health insurance; thereby, leaving many vulnerable at the time when they are most in need. According to the survey, over 6 million adults in 2009 had a mental health disorder that went untreated and of this number, 42 percent said it was because they could not afford their treatment. " Mental Illness on the Rise in the U.S. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/therapy-matters/201105/mental-illness-the-rise-in-the-us
The mental and emotional state of this country reflects the numerous stimuli and values inherent in today's culture: the increasing decadence of the mass media, a dog eat dog, winner take all, get over at all costs mentality which permeates this society, a culture where blind ambition and ruthlessness are looked upon as virtues. In this psycho-social milieu there exist no counter balance or countervailing values or institutions to offset or stymie these trends. Conformity and compliance with immorality are rewarded by the powers that be who ruthlessly attack and malign anyone who dares go against the values and "lifestyles" promoted by Madison Avenue, Hollywood, the universities and even the various religions. Even the so called "culture wars" between the right and left are a sham. They are merely political tools being used to further the goals of their leadership, more personal power. We are in deep trouble unless an alternative view of the world, life and existence are offered, learned and internalized.
Courageous Africans in America alarmed by the moral rot, systemic dysfunction and pathology of this nation have raised the issue of a need to return to aboriginal (prior to the coming of the Arabs and Europeans) African values, African ways of relating to each other, nature and the world. All culture is the total construct of a people designed by them to meet their specific psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical needs. Culture binds a group together in community and ensures its survival as they see it.
Europeans attempted to strip our African ancestors of all vestiges of their African culture to reduce them to beasts of burden. We were not allowed to develop our own freedom based culture and way of life. We are still grappling with the centuries long legacy of slavery, racial oppression, deculturization, desecration and dehumanization. Racism, cultural imperialism and menticide are still the order of the day despite what the media tells us about "Post racial America". Much of our depression and mental illness are the direct result of living in this country amongst toxic, immoral people.
In order for us to heal and free ourselves from this immoral matrix, we have to look back upon our African values and construct a meaningful new set of life affirming, cooperative values and norms that we can implement in our daily lives. Otherwise we will continue to succumb to the Western values of alienation, psychopathy, conflict and predation based upon narcissism, materialism, hedonism and arrogance. These values are driving us insane and killing us. "What is required of AfriKans at this moment in this cycle of Afrikan history is the elaboration of a coherent and effective cultural/ideological construct or paradigm that is securely grounded in Afrikan history and cosmology. The objectives of this construct are full sovereignty in every place of permanent and collective residence that AfriKans find themselves and in whatever political-social formation we design." The Sankofa Movement ReAfrikanization and the Reality of War Kwame Agyei and Akua Nson Akoto page 3.
We already have the basis of a viable value system in the Nguzo Saba the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. These values can form the foundation of a broad ethical, moral and social system by which we can return to sanity and a genuinely unified sense of community. Changing our perceptions, values , raising our consciousness and living lives of integrity to a higher consciousness are the only solutions to the moral quagmire and evil we are experiencing. As Africans in America trapped in a culture that continues to denigrate us and keeps us on the bottom of their socio-economic pyramid, we need to wake up, think for ourselves, pursue our collective best interests and unite for the health and defense of our communities.
Of course the charlatans, the paid House Negroes and favored Sambos reject this idea and cling desperately to the very system that is killing our people and the world. This psychopathic system rewards and pampers them for their treachery. The House Negroes will continue to push for more "integration" into this burning house called the United States. Our redemption and resurrection will only be the result of learning to use our minds to think for ourselves as opposed to being manipulated, duped, made insane by the corporate mind control apparatus and the government.
The ancient African values of Ma'at (Divine Order, Harmony, Balance, Truth, Justice, Peace, Righteousness and Cooperation) are eons old, they sustained our African ancestors for thousands of years. The values of disorder, deceit, wrong and conflict,what our Kemetian ancestors called Isfet are the prevalent values of the West.
Which values do you think we should embrace, the values of our oppressors or the values of our ancestors? We are facing a critical choice: continue emulating the West which will produce the same results: debasement and decadence. Or we can attempt something new and different, a return to an African based value/social system. Hey if it doesn't work we can always go back to the other.

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