Sunday, June 17, 2012

The AmeriKKKan Empire Invades Africa

From the Ramparts
by Junious Ricardo Stanton
"All of those troops leaving Afghanistan during the next two years will have to go somewhere, right? The US Army will deploy thousands of soldiers across the continent of Africa during 2013. The Army Times confirms that the US military gave the go-ahead for the mass deployment last month and that roughly 3,000 soldiers will soon be sent overseas, with more troops expected to be dispatched during the duration of the program. Maj. Gen. David R. Hogg, head of US Army Africa, says the initiative is part of a "regionally aligned force concept" that will allow American troops to forge relationships across Africa, where the US has not concentrated its soldiers among civilians to the same degree as other continents." US To Deploy More Than 3,000 Troops To Africa

It was only a matter of time before the global vampire oligarchy that runs AmeriKKKa sunk their fangs deeper into Mother Africa. Not content to foment discord and anarchy in Algeria, Libya and Egypt via social media, mercenaries, political upheaval and instability in Cote d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the whole horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Djibouti) by way of puppet governments and proxies, the real axis of evil (Britain, the US, France and Israel) is preparing to open the flood gates for a full scale recolonization of Africa. The UK, US and France want the minerals and Israel needs the water from the Nile River as well as a share of the natural resources Africa holds. Much of this new age imperialism is based upon their lust for raw minerals such as gold, uranium, coltan, zinc, bauxite, diamonds,cobalt, tin, iron ore, and numerous other minerals. But the newest push throughout Africa by the US is for black gold, petroleum. Africa is the emerging source of more and more oil deposits. The US is also aggressively attempting to stymie China's advances into the continent.
The psychopaths in the White House are bum rushing the African continent under the bogus pretext of fighting a global war on terrorism. Of course being psychopaths, they lie about their real motives. "The mainstream media, at least those who have covered this new U.S. military adventure, have taken the Obama administration at face value on its stated claim that JSOC troops are necessary in Uganda and neighboring countries, for the purpose of murdering the elusive and brutal war criminal-at-large, Joseph Kony. But is this the true motive for sending JSOC troops into the region? A probe into the last several years of geopolitical posturing in Africa by the United States reveals another tale. It is the tale of a 21st century 'scramble for Africa' for the procurement of oil, using imperial tools, such as drones, mercenaries and military bases, in a desperate effort to gain control of this valuable commodity... Not long after 9/11, in early January 2002, a key symposium titled 'African Oil: A Priority for U.S. National Security and African Development' took place in Washington, DC; it was hosted by the neoconservative think-tank, the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS). IASPS is most famous for its authorship of a paper called 'A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm,' a 1996 paper that, among other things, called for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, foreshadowing the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the neoconservative-lead Bush administration foreign policy team. At the symposium, then Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Walter Kantsteiner III, stated, 'African oil is a national strategic interest...[and] it's people like you who will...bring the oil home.' Later, in May 2004, Kantsteiner chaired a congressionally funded Africa Policy Advisory Panel report titled, 'Rising U.S. States in Africa,' in which he stated, 'African oil is of national strategic interest to us, and it will increase and become more important as we go forward.' In the midst of these summits, the U.S. set up crucial military bases -- in spring 2003 in Djibouti, a base called Camp Lemmonier, and in 2004 at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda.The U.S. was now firmly implanted in the region to begin an African safari, featuring, most prominently, tours of prospective and already existing oil rigs and pipelines spanning every contour of the continent. Not long after AFRICOM became a reality, multinational corporations also flocked into Uganda to search for oil. The search was a flaming success story, with 2.5 billion barrels of oil now having been discovered, but still to this date, not yet procured. The royalties accompanying the oil's usage could reach up to $2 billion a year by 2015, reported the Economist in May 2010. This oil is located off of Lake Albert in northwest Uganda, a lake shared by both Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)." Has Obama Just Kicked Off Another Oil War -- This Time in Africa?

The speeches at the conferences quoted above are psychopath babble for "Let's steal African oil." And now they are doing it too. Oil was one of the reasons the US and NATO toppled Gaddafi in Libya. Another reason was to keep the Chinese from getting it. Much of US strategy in Africa is designed to bum rush the countries before China gets a toehold. An excellent article entitled A NEW SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICAN OIL? HISTORICAL, POLITICAL, AND BUSINESS PERSPECTIVES by JEDRZEJ GEORGE FRYNAS AND MANUEL PAULO  provides a cogent overview of the US-China rivalry for oil in African and the stark differences in their strategies. The authors discount the notion of a new scramble for African oil like the scramble after the Berlin Conference; but they do admit Africa is a prime resource target. If you want a better grasp of what is going on in African behind the propaganda headlines, read that article. Like the infamous Berlin Conference of 1884 where the whites carved up Africa to satisfy their lust for raw materials and cheap labor, the US is divvying up Africa to steal its resources and secure geopolitical and Geo-strategic preeminence. This is the real reason Obama is sending more and more US troops and mercenaries to Africa.

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