Friday, June 8, 2012

Take The Black Fatherhood Challenge

                                                        From the Ramparts
                               by Junious Ricardo Stanton
                                  The Black Fatherhood Challenge

Dr. Thomas A. Gordon a licensed clinical psychologist, corporate trainer and strategic adviser who is currently in private practice has initiated a new program entitled The Black Fatherhood Challenge . This program is a grass roots initiative designed to boost the health, social vitality, productivity, consciousness  and cohesion within the African community. He plans to kick it off for Father's Day 2012 and Juneteenth as a way of  stirring positive action amongst Black males who see themselves as leaders and fathers in a collective sense not merely limited to biological parenting . He is looking for Black men to become engaged in community wide self-improvement, nurturing, role modeling, mentoring, molding and influencing initiative that will impact generations of young people. 
The Black Fatherhood initiative will transcend the barriers of religion, educational level and socio-economic status to create a cadre of men who are willing to improve their own lives, grow healthy and become stronger while at the same time linking with like minded men to improve our overall conditions. Dr. Gordon is working to establish what he calls the "leadership solution" to the problems and pathologies currently plaguing our communities. This cadre of leaders will use their imaginations to envision a new personal and collective reality and then work to manifest it here and now. "I'm going to issue a pledge statement Online they can see and read this pledge and the pledge itself can be a game changer in response to adressing one of the major problems facing our people today which is identify confusion. People are often not living authentically based upon what is healthy for them individually and for us as a people. The pledge statement will invite them to reflect on themselves, who are you and to think about becoming an authentic Black man and not a copy of this culture. That's the first step to re-engaging their imaginations to get them thinking about something and that something is identity. What does it really mean to not be a copy or a caricature of something?  
"We have been led astray, the ignorance and the lack of knowledge base in our communities is orchestrated, it's not random. So therefore some set of conscious, dedicated and responsible Black people have to assert leadership to begin to create a counter to what exists now. So there is a leadership solution to every toxic symptom; but if you have Black people that are either frustrated and disgusted because we see some of these symptoms or lack energy to try to respond to them then we as a people will end up having some of the best, brightest, most knowledgeable elements within our communities not use or assert their knowledge in a way that actually benefits young people. 
"What we are seeing now is  symptomatic. I think we have to go back to root cause and then a cadre of us have to become collective leaders who will start leading the conversations, hold the space and come up with creative solutions to some of these problems." Explained Dr. Gordon.
  The program entails reading and signing a pledge on the Black Fatherhood Challenge Website and committing to be a part of the mind shift to life affirming, healthy social values, attitudes and  excellence using the technology available through the Internet and social media to: introduce a ninety-day, daily, interactive series of concept explorations, strategies, tools, and tips for mindset shifts for substantive personal and collective change.  
Gordon believes we can use the technology to initiate a paradigm shift that will positively impact our social environment. "I know we can use the technology to make this work. Webinars, live seminars are possible. And we can archive the seminars so if they didn't hear about The Fatherhood Challenge before Father's Day or Juneteenth they can get it on the Website whenever they do hear about it. The corporate media will not shine the light on our light. We who have access to this new technology can create unity by being the light in the darkness and shining light on the success stories today. When people read the pledge they'll see what I'm talking about. There is light in the darkness." 
The Black Fatherhood Challenge begins on Father's Day June 17, 2012.  The pledge will be on the Website  The Website will be the conduit for connectivity, the exchange of ideas, information, tips, testimonies and updates for the duration of the ninety day program. "The reason I picked ninety-days is because research has shown you can change habits and change a life style if people can do something over a three month time frame. And often we don't have the spark or catalyst. If we can create a spark or catalyst and create some different behaviors for three months we might hook some people into not only a conversation but a  new way of being in the world. We're going to talk about consumerism, being spectators and individualism. We're going to talk about people as being divine beings not commodities. So that's why we've structured the program for ninety-days." Gordon explained
  To sign up to participate in the Black Fatherhood Challenge go to the Black Fatherhood Challenge Website and click the pledge.  


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