Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Black Voices Must be heard re Haiti

Black Voices Must be heard re Haiti
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr

 If Blacks enjoyed political representation and not just political presence in the United States , it would be unnecessary for me to ask you to make a clarion call to get medical treatment for Haitians in dire need of medical treatment. 
Former Sen. John Edwards and actor, John Travolta, can freely travel to Haiti while the passports of our leaders have been lifted.  Moreover, these leaders have refused to initiate a class action lawsuit against the U.S. State Department.
 The U.S. military is now refusing to evacuate Haitians in dire need of critical medical care to the United States .  Florida has filed a complaint for having to help Haitians while Gov. David Paterson can only be found in suspect locations.  Hospitals in New York are not open to Haitians.  This is a shame.
 In a racist response to the flawed immigration policy towards Haiti , this country has fashioned a policy of "humanitarian parole" towards severely-injured, Haitian children.  The name of the policy itself is sinister and racially-defamatory.  Black faces are associated with crime even when they are children.
 When it comes to all persons of African ancestry, including Haitians, this country is invariably engaged in racism and it is of no moment that the United States is indebted to Africans for building this country and fighting off its enemies.
If the United States is not going to grant reparations to descendants of enslaved Africans, it should, at least, be susceptible to granting humanitarian aid to afflicted Africans.  Instead, through threats, intimidation and buy-outs, Blacks have no right to legal or political representation.  In other words, it is illegal for Blacks to use their tongues for their own benefit.
 This country got bogged down in a war in Vietnam .  Afterwards, it airlifted Vietnamese refugees out of Vietnam .  It also airlifted Albanians from Kosovo.  Black people must rise up and speak out.  We have no leadership.  Preachers and politicians are in Uncle Sam's back pocket.  Are they in Haiti today?
 Spread the word today.  Power rises up from the bottom.  The cream goes to the top.  Call members of Congress at 202-224-3121.  Call Gov. David Paterson at 212-681-4580.  Remind him that politics is a two-way street.  "If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours."
 The following are the specific telephone numbers and websites of  designated members of the House of Representatives:
Yvette Clarke
202-226-0112 (fax)

Gregory Meeks
202-226-4169 (fax)

Donald Payne
202-225-4160 (fax)

Charles Rangel
202-225-0816 (fax)

Jose Serrano
202-225-6001 (fax)

Edolphus Towns

Nydia Velazquez
202-226-0327 (fax)

 "Those who fail to learn from the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them."  "History is repeating itself."  Nearly a century ago, the Marines invaded Haiti and illegally occupied it for nearly three decades.  Under the pretext of helping afflicted Haitians from the January 12 earthquake, the military has reoccupied Haiti .

 The situation in  Haiti today resembles Iraq after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq .  There is no functioning state apparatus in Haiti .  The entire infrastructure of Haiti has been gutted.  Looting is running amuck in Haiti and it should not be attributable to the Black masses.  Haiti will be rebuilt in the image of the United States for the benefit of the United States .
 White missionaries are up to it again.  This time it is happening in Haiti .  Thankfully, the kidnapping scheme of the body snatchers from Idaho was foiled.  Obviously, the United States is in cahoots with this illegal activity since these white body snatchers would have had to re-enter the United States with scores of kidnapped children of African ancestry.  The Congressional Black Caucus is, once again, asleep at the switch.

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