Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC) announces the passing of Dr. Edialeda Salgado do Nascimento

Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus (SRDC) announces the passing of a great Pan Africanist, Partner, Colleague and Friend.

She was the Keynote Speaker at our first annual conference (2007) held at Howard University in Washington, DC.

- Received from Prof. David Horne, posted by Sis. Iman Hameen.

(Translation from Portuguese)

Dr. Edialeda Salgado do Nascimento, National Secretary of the Black Movement of the Democratic Labor Party in Brazil, died in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, January 30, 2010 of a heart attack.

Ediadela was 69 years of age and was survived by two sons, Antonio Augusto and André. The funeral will be held Sunday, February 7, 2010 in the Cemetery of the Garden Sulacap at 4:30.

The wake will be in two localities: Memorial of the Carmo, from this Saturday to noon Sunday in the chapel, and the Cemetery Garden of the Nostalgia, in the Sulacap, up to the hour of the burial at 4:30.

On the 15, 16 and 17th of January, in Brasilia, Edialeda had just recently presided over the National Seminary of the Black Movement of the Democratic Labor Party, which she had co-founded with Leonel Brizola. Part of the discussion there was how to advance government policies to benefit Brazil’s Afro descendants.

She was the State Social Promotion Secretary in the government cabinet with Brizola in 1982, and a candidate for federal Senator in 2006.

She was very active through her last months, participating, for example, in the campaign to promote former Senator Abdias Nascimento for the Nobel Peace Prize that U.S. President Barack Obama eventually won. Fluent in French, Italian, Spanish and English, Edialeda Nascimento represented the Democratic Labor Party in diverse meetings and Congresses both inside and outside the country, including the International Socialist Congress and the first Congress of Black Women of the Americas in 1984 in Ecuador.

She also participated in and was an International Spokesperson at conferences in Latin America, the United States and Europe, particularly those which dealt with the questions of promoting the advancement of women and Black people.


-- University Leonel Brizola - Bahia
Eduardo Rodrigues

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