Monday, February 8, 2010


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Greetings Vendors, (Seasonal and Full-Time), Merchants, Manufacturers And Small Business Owners, As business professionals we all share one thing in common: The desire to do all that we can to present our products/services to the public in the most cost effective, productive, timely, and professional manner. Of course at times this requires us to participate in various events, festivals, and trade shows which as we know comes with its' own share of challenges. 

A multitude of problems have resulted due to the lack of communication, poor advertising, over priced fees and just the overall disrespect from the organizers of these events towards the vendors.  As vendors and professionals we all are looking for more effective strategies to gain exposure for our companies and to produce more proficient sales.

A serious group of vendors and merchants have come together to form a unity collective organization to share, exchange, develop, and coordinate strategies and tactics to create better and more efficient markets to sell and distribute our goods and services.
We are cordially inviting you to become a part of this group.

MEETING DATE: Thursday February 18th 2010                  
TIME: 7:00pm      
LOCATION: 575 Boulevard SE, Atlanta GA   30312

*This is an old church building which has been restored to a business office and center for the arts.
*Please park in the parking lot behind the building and enter through the double doors.
*This is a Martial Arts School . Please be prepared to remove your shoes.                        
*After this meeting we will be closing all incoming membership to allow us the opportunity to structure the group therefore your attendance is required.

This is a serious group for serious people only. 

Please bring your business cards to network with others.
We look forward to see you at the meeting!

If you have any questions, you can contact the any of people listed below:


Thank you and have a blessed day! 

From: Green, Warren [
Submitted by "Rudwaan"
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